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Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139… it has five ends. Getting them all means putting in a bit of work and repeating sections of the remastered game multiple times. In this replicant kidney Remake guide we tell you everything you need to get the A, B, C, D and E endings.


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Nier Replicant endings

The endings aren’t mutually exclusive, so you can watch them all in order by mixing up the saves a bit. We will take note of each time you need to make a special storage.

Also, in the middle of the game, you can no longer go back to the content of the first half. Make sure you complete all side quests and most importantly collect all weapons before proceeding to the second part.

Since endings C through E require you to have all 33 replicant kidney Weapons, let’s talk about that first. This is a guide to endings. There are spoilers ahead.

Collect all Nier Replicant weapons

There are 33 weapons in the replicant kidney To repeat. To see all of the endings that the revamped game offers, you’ll need to collect all 33.

Our replicant kidney The Weapons Guide lists all weapons along with how and where to find them. Make sure you have collected all weapons from part 1 before proceeding to part 2.

It doesn’t matter what weapon you use or what weapons you upgrade. You just need to have access to all of them.

Last Replicant Nier A

The end A is the standard ending. You get this ending by simply completing this replicant kidney To repeat.

Subsequent reloads of this save file start it mid-game.

Nier B Replicant Fin

Reload your Ending A save file and play second half From the game you will see new scenes and a new ending.

Nier C Replicant Fin

Reload your End B save file. This will restart it halfway through. This time though, make sure you pick up one of the remaining 33 weapons: You need all 33 to see this ending.

Visit a save point just before the final boss fight. After the battle, save your entire game to a new location.

After the final boss fight, you will encounter another final boss. If you have a choice decide to kill her.

Nier D Replicant Fin

Reload your save game just before the final boss fight C. Choose this time if you have the chance forgive her life.

This will delete your save file and it will show you ending D.

Replicant Fin Nier E

This is a new ending specific to Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139…

Once Ending D has deleted your save file, start a new game with another name. You play normally until the big shadow fight in The Aerie, where you recruit Kaine. The rest of replicant kidney The new version will unfold differently with a new story and cutscenes.

Nier Replicant Guide and Walkthrough

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