Newfypoo Dog Breed Facts & Information

Although Newfypoos aren’t very popular just yet, their sweet temperament, intelligence and loving nature have convinced us that it’s only a matter of time before they become one of the most popular doodles. And really, who could resist them? This Newfoundland Poodle combo creates an ideal companion for families and individuals.

Is a Newfypoo the Right Dog Type for You? There’s a lot to consider when adding a dog to your life, so we’ve covered just about everything you need to know in this detailed breed profile.

breed characteristics

  • Origin: United States
  • Size:
  • Weight: 70-150 pounds
  • Shelf life: 8 to 12 years
  • Racial Group: Mixed race
  • Activity level:
  • Bark/Howl Level:
  • Good with dogs: yes
  • Good with children: yes
  • Good with cats:
  • Lost:
  • Easy to fix:
  • Easy to train:
  • Protective:

Appearance of Newfypoo

though you never can exactly Knowing what a mixed breed will look like, there are some traits that many Newfypoos share. Most puppies have thick, curly, greasy, waterproof hair, and their coats often come in shades of black, brown, gray, and other shades.

They’re large dogs (which shouldn’t come as a surprise) and weigh between 70 and 150 pounds, which means there are plenty of dogs to love. Their bodies are muscular and covered in thick fur, giving them the appearance of a large, lovable, scruffy bear that you just want to hug.

Newfypoo Dog Breed Personality

There’s a reason Newfypoos are called “Gentle Giants” – you won’t find a more lovable and friendly mix to add to your family. The Newfoundland’s dedication and patience coupled with the Poodle’s intelligence and outgoing nature create a dynamic dog breed that everyone would want to own.

These dogs are wonderful with families (although at their size you’ll want to see them with young children), and their intelligence means you’ll have an engaging companion for all manner of play and adventure. To keep you feeling good physically and mentally, you need to make sure you stay well exercised and mentally stimulated.

And as nice as the Newfypoos are, don’t think these guys will run away from danger: they’re deeply devoted to their loved ones, so they can protect them when they feel like they’re in trouble. While their size alone is often enough to deter intruders, their soft, loud bark can also protect your home and family.

Ideal environment for a Newfypoo

Given their size, it’s no surprise that these pups really thrive when given adequate space to exercise and stretch out. This means they are generally happiest in homes with patios, as many apartments can be too narrow for their large frames.

They also tend to do best in places that aren’t too hot: their coat will keep them warm in cold weather, but excessive heat can put them at risk of overheating.

Ideal human for a Newfypoo

The ideal match for this breed is someone who has the time and energy to dedicate to training, training and spending time with them. They need someone dedicated to keeping them physically strong and mentally healthy with lots of outings, fun games, and cuddles (of course).

While they may not be the best running companions, they do enjoy swimming, so someone who can schedule regular water hours for them would be a good choice.

Dog Training Newfypoo

Newfypoos generally respond very well to training, which makes sense given that both parent breeds have long histories of working closely with humans.

Their social and friendly personalities also make them ideal learners as they enjoy learning new things and love to please their owners. Positive reinforcement works best with Newfypoos, so reward them with lots of treats when they do a good job. Also, be sure to focus a lot on properly walking his leash, which is important given his size.

It’s also very important to socialize this breed early by introducing them to a variety of situations, people, animals, and places. In leur montrant le monde qui les entoure et en les faisant you feel à l’aise et en sécurité avec vous pendant qu’ils l’explorent, ils acquerront laconfance nécessaire pour être le chiot bien ajusté et bien elevé que vous savez qu’ may be. Above all, this breed wants to please those who love them, and their intelligence and charm mean that any effort you put into their training will be worthwhile. Given his size, it is important for everyone’s safety that they understand his strength and build.

Toilet Newfypoo

Although Newfypoos are a low shedding mix, making them a little less of a problem when grooming, there are a few steps you need to take to keep their coat thick and curly.

More importantly, you want to make sure you brush his comb several times a week, especially if he spends a lot of time outside, tossing and turning, slapping the brush, etc. There’s a good chance things are getting stuck in your coat . , so it’s important to brush them regularly and remove anything you find there.

Newfypoos can be a bit smelly due to their thick fur, so you’ll need to bathe them about once a month. Don’t overdo it with baths, however, or you risk stripping your hair and skin of important natural oils.

It’s also a good idea to visit a professional groomer a few times a year to ensure their ears, eyes and nails are healthy, with a clean and tidy coat.

Newfypoo health facts and information

Like most dog breeds, the Newfypoo is prone to certain health issues. They are prone to eye diseases like cherry eye retinal atrophy and heart diseases like subvalvular aortic stenosis. Sometimes they can also develop bone problems and thyroid problems. Your veterinarian can offer advice on how to prevent, avoid, and treat any symptoms your dog may develop, especially as they get older. Therefore, it is important to maintain a regular schedule of visits to the vet.

Newfypoos typically live 8 to 12 years. Providing your dog with the right exercise, food, and regular visits to the vet will improve their chances of a long and happy life.

History of Newfypoo

We don’t know exactly when people started mixing Newfoundlands and Poodles, but we’re pretty sure it’s been happening in the United States for the last 15 years or so.

We know that Newfoundlands descended from working dogs brought to England by Newfoundlands, and that Poodles originated in Germany (although they are often associated with France), but when and why this mix originated remains a mystery.

Get a Newfypoo

Breeder of Newfypoo

It’s always a good idea to meet your pup’s parents and see how the litters interact with each other, and it’s especially important if you’re choosing to get a mixed breed dog, as you’ll be able to see the exact size of the parents’ litters. A good, reputable breeder should also have records of the parent line and be able to give you more information about the specific litter mix.

Because Newfypoos are not officially recognized by the AKC, you should start your search for a reputable breeder elsewhere, and thankfully, given these dogs’ popularity, tracking them down shouldn’t be too difficult. Make sure you’re aware of puppy mills and internet scams – following a few simple steps can help you avoid further funding from this horrible practice and help you end up with a pet whose upbringing and early life experience are more reliable to look into a good one to be translated. customized. Dog.

Adopt a Newfypoo

As with many very popular breeds, Newfypoos often find their way to rescue centers for a variety of reasons, including dogs rescued from puppy mills, but often it’s the simple fact that their previous owners simply felt incompetent to care for them any longer, perhaps due to a change in lifestyle or health.

An abandoned dog is often already well trained and simply needs a new, loving home. With a quick internet search you will find rescue centers in your area.

A Newfypoo can make a wonderful friend and will certainly be a source of joy, with lots of laughs and maybe a little mischief along the way. Whether you are considering adoption or looking for a breeder to help you find a puppy, get ready, prepare your home and your heart for a dog with lots of personality and energy.

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