New tips and tricks for Rogue Legacy 2

Inside Rogue Heir 2, You, your heirs and the heirs of your heirs have the choice to die at the hands of monsters in search of gold and glory, just as nature intended. Now that the roguelite has left Early Access, we’ve got some new (and updated) tips to get you on the right track. Forward to death(s)!

Save or spend?

After your first run, each new run begins with you handing over the gold you have left after the upgrades to Charon when you take him back to the castle. After reaching level 12 you can unlock the living vault This allows you to save 10% of your leftovers before returning to Charon’s boat. This may take away some of its price, but 90% of that sting is still there!

Try to use as much gold as possible Lock, armedor then rune Upgrade before you pay Big C, even if it means upgrading less sooner than you really want. You’ll likely have a more successful career in the future, and most of your gold will be gone anyway, so you might as well get your money’s worth. And remember, Charon will happily accept zero gold if that’s all you’ve got.

Unlock health and class upgrades first

in very early Villain Legacy 2, your main goal should be to get as much gold as possible in your first few reckless runs. As you build your castle, you’ll unlock new perks, but for now, focus on increasing your health and unlocking new classes as soon as possible.

Screenshot of Rogue Legacy 2 showing the Castle and Dining Hall upgrade screen that increases max HP.

The canteen increases your maximum HP.
Image: Cellar Door Games via Polygon

You may find another class that suits you much better than the first one Gentleman, and a larger health bar gives you time to experiment with your character’s abilities. Try courses with more variety like this Save on computer or versatility in attack direction than that Valkyrie. It might surprise you how much you enjoy playing as a humiliator Cook and his surprisingly useful frying pan.

After that, check out how to unlock the different NPCs you can interact with on the dock, such as: blacksmith Y sorceress. Once these characters are available, you’ll need to pay attention to other attributes like gear and rune weight, or your resolution level, but don’t worry about them so early on if they don’t even apply to your characters. Speaking of…

Learn to use the Architect

One of the characters you unlock by expanding your castle is the architect, an elderly gentleman who will accompany you at the dock. The Architect has the ability to lock dungeon rooms exactly as you last found them… for a price.

Screenshot from Rogue Legacy 2 showing the player interacting with the architect at the docks.

The Architect locks dungeon rooms between runs.
Image: Cellar Door Games via Polygon

This can be extremely helpful, especially if you’ve discovered a boss or challenge and want to start with a new character. If you only come to one mouth With your final health shard, have the Architect fix the world in place, then beam it straight to your destination instead of starting over. Don’t expect to save too much gold if you have to use it more than once or twice in a row. Their prices will not stay reasonable for long.

Be on the lookout for secrets

As difficult as some parts may seem, it’s good to be as complete as possible. Take a few extra seconds to check the walls for cracks after clearing a space.

Screenshot from Rogue Legacy 2 showing the silhouette of the player entering a secret area through a crack in the wall.

Look for cracks in the walls to find secret areas.
Image: Cellar Door Games via Polygon

When you come across these areas, use magic to clear your way and claim your treasure! While not very common, it’s a nice reward for taking a moment to look up details. You usually hit bigger targets, but five extra seconds in a room could net you a few hundred more gold!

Having said that…

Not everything that glitters is gold

When choosing your heir, you’ll be presented with a variety of randomly generated options: their class, spells, talents, and any other random relics that come with them. It can also contain properties that can harm your career if you compensate a higher percentage of gold collected.

Screenshot of Rogue Legacy 2 showing the heir screen with a list of traits for each heir.

selection of his heir.
Image: Cellar Door Games via Polygon

Keep the 25-50% bonuses. Usually these traits are not very boring and can even be really fun. However, once you start seeing 100-200% bonuses you will lose a race unless you are at the absolute top of your game.

That is, sometimes that laughs Rogue Heir 2 The offers are worth it, and all you have to do is see what your short-sighted, color-blind one-hit wizard is really capable of!

challenge yourself

There are two challenges you will face at the beginning of the game: the chance to win either Anake scarf or then Aesop’s tome – and you should definitely try to conquer them as soon as possible.

Screenshot of Rogue Legacy 2 showing the player approaching a statue where you can start the Tome of Aesop challenge

The challenge to reclaim Aesop’s tome.
Image: Cellar Door Games via Polygon

The Scarf is particularly useful as it allows you to use your Dash maneuver both in the air and on the ground, giving you more options in combat and opening up otherwise inaccessible parts of rooms.

The tome grants you access to the guide to glowing blue orbs and other helpful spirits that you see scattered around the world. But to be perfectly honest, at first glance there doesn’t seem to be many “mysteries” that are so confusing that you can’t solve them on your own.

Bonus tip: smash everything! (Except for the things you shouldn’t do!)

Almost anything (chairs, tables, books, lanterns, chairs, candles, and (obviously) enemies) can be broken into villain Legacy 2, and there’s a good chance he’ll give you a coin or two if you destroy him. But don’t break all the lanterns in a room that appears to only have lanterns or boxes. At least not before you take a look at what they might make available to you if you hop on them.

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