Mum refreshes tired-looking kitchen counters and doors for £50 with B&Q self-adhesive film

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  • This kitchen remodel shows how a simple layer of glue can completely transform an old kitchen. As one handy mom attests, you don’t have to spend a fortune to refresh your kitchen. She subtly instantly replaced the kitchen countertops with marble-looking B&Q stickers, all for just £50.

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    “My partner works out Monday through Friday,” Gemma’s mother told us. “I wanted to surprise him because I knew we were tired of the way the kitchen looked.” He shares the story behind the kitchen renovation…

    kitchen first

    Gemma explained: “I was suffering from postpartum depression with my daughter and found it really helpful to do something constructive. So I try to be as active as possible during this time. With my son”. “She is 6 months old and my daughter is three and a half years old.”

    “As the mother of a young family, you spend a lot of time at home,” Gemma said. “I know from previous experience that it’s easy to do something constructive, but to not think about it can feel overwhelmed and exhausted.”

    “Add to that you don’t like the place where you have to spend so long and you see some people have a tough time. I’ve found that home improvement/work/replication projects have really worked for me and continue to help me.

    How Gemma Wraps Doors and Countertops

    This is the first step in getting the impression of marble on the countertop.

    “My price was around £50. I was able to fill the cabinet with 6 rolls because luckily I didn’t make a mistake and I didn’t miss a single one. I removed every door and handle and cleaned them so no dust or grease could get in In awkward corners, I heat the wraps with a blow dryer so they stick nicely in the corners.

    The kitchen after a simple change

    Here’s what the DIY dealer said about the film: “Remodeling kitchen cabinets, remodeling old furniture, drawers and shelves. It’s for a flat, clean and even surface. Easy to apply with Peel & Stick. Fully removable’.

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    Gemma starts work on the Monday after work: the cabinets are finished by the end of Wednesday. Gemma demonstrates what a mother can do, telling us, “I’m wearing his Jumpero with my son, and my daughter is sitting and looking at me.”

    Gemma goes on to demonstrate the power of refurbishment and explains how old countertops help shape breakfast bars. – A neighbor down the street made a kitchen and kindly gave me his old counter. Thursday morning, I decided to add a bar dish.

    “We went to B&Q to buy more breakfast packs and holders and a screw-on holder for £14.” With all these affordable items, the job was done on a Thursday afternoon.

    “It all happened between feedings, naps, Paw Patrol and my 3 year old babysitting the tape measure!” Gemma added a sense of humor.

    Gemma concludes, “I’m very happy with the overall performance at such a low cost! The coating adheres very well, and I never put a hot pan directly on the countertop, so it shouldn’t be an issue in my house. Us!”

    Needless to say, his partner loved the changes he made and was impressed with what he accomplished.

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    Real estate is for rent, proving that even if you don’t own a home, you can still make a huge difference. Of course, check with your landlord first to see if they allow such changes.

    We want to thank Gemma for sharing the story of how her home improvement helped her life.

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