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in the polygon More heroes 3 Boss fight guide we will show you how to defeat Mr Black Hole. We’ll demystify each phase of this amazing space battle by explaining each of the boss’ attacks, showing you how to avoid damage, and sharing tips, tricks, and general strategies.

Mr. Blackhole Part 1: Abandoned Planet

The boss fight against Mr. Blackhole in More heroes 3 It has two phases and well differentiated locations. The first is a circular bog.

level 1

In the first phase of the Mr. Blackhole boss fight, your opponent has to watch out for a few different attacks. You can dodge most attacks, but if perfectly dodgeThey can do a lot more damage.

During this fight, Mr. Blackhole will enter and exit a portal using a variety of attacks.

Mr. Blackhole’s main attack is a Black hole shooting a blue laserfollowed by Dark energy ball. Avoid this attack when it occurs. Although you can perfectly dodge this attack, hitting the ball of energy that shoots out of the portal is difficult.

The boss appears regularly. several black holes at once and drill them. Dodge the first one. His arm will get stuck on the last hit. Take the opportunity to attack his appendage before he brings them back through the portal.

when you see Black energy falling from the sky, prepare to dodge. After a few moments, Mr. Blackhole will stomp down from above. Then it becomes vulnerable to some hits. Sometimes after this attack, the boss will attack a Energy explosion hitting in circles. If you see him activate this move, just run away and then attack again.

stage 2


Watch out for those black holes
Image: Grasshopper Crafting via Polygon

Once you’ve reduced Mr. Blackhole to the red portion of his health bar, create multiple black holes on the battlefield. Landing on it will deal a lot of damage, so dodge.

The rest of the fight is the same, however dodging his attacks becomes more difficult as the black holes are scattered on the ground. The only other difference is that Mr. Blackhole’s ground pound movement now causes an expanding circle of energy to flow out of. Jump on this attack.

Since Mr. Blackhole’s health is almost depleted, perform a Killer Slash on him. The game is unsure if that last hit killed him. This was not the case.

Mr. Blackhole Part 2: Space Battle

The second part of the boss fight against Mr. Blackhole in More heroes 3 takes place in… a black hole. This section has a bit of a puzzle element and a completely different combat style as well.


Follow Jeanne
Image: Grasshopper Crafting via Polygon

Before you can complete your fight with Mr. Blackhole, you must find him. As you explore a vast sea of ​​stars, you will find several black holes on the ground. Entering each one spits you out to a different location in space. Your destination is unclear, but you can figure out where to go Follow Jeane, your cat buddy.

Eventually Jeane falls asleep and you have to play around a bit to find the right black hole. Choose wrong and a variety of weapons will attack you. Every wrong choice removes this black hole from your possible choices. Pick the right one and you will come face to face with the face of Mr. Blackhole.

level 1


Travis goes into bougainvillea mode!
Image: Grasshopper Crafting via Polygon

In phase 2 of this half of the boss fight against Mr. Blackhole, Travis summons a robotic armor to defeat his giant space enemy.

Use the cursor to highlight the enemy’s body and die Black Hole Spheres shoots at you. Once his targets are locked, press ZR to fire his lasers. After a few moments, you can unleash a powerful attack that will be invoked Megadeath Particle Cannon Press ZL. When using this ability, target Blackhole’s head.

stage 2

Once you get Mr. Blackhole back to his red health, the fight plays out the same way, with one exception: the boss will periodically try to smash you with two arms sticking out of the black holes.

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