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mortal shellThe fight is brutal and ruthless. The 20th hour is just as difficult as the first.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the basics, including easy steps that have helped us understand combat and get better at it.

Going backwards is the key

From the lowest pawn to the toughest boss, every enemy you face mortal shell He can unleash devastating attacks that drain his health with just a few hits. The fight consists of dodging these blows.

Luckily, the way the game works, specifically the enemy AI, has a built-in fix. Enemies have a very tight trigger to get close to you and they move very slowly. That means you have a lot of control over when and where fights take place, and which enemies are involved.

Here are two ways to use this to your advantage.

dragons and melee

Dragon simply means to retreat when you pull an enemy towards you. And walking backwards is probably the most important skill you will develop mortal shell. The dragon lets you control how enemies move and where the combat takes place. With slower enemies, you’ll even jump out of their attack zones without having to dodge.

Enemy animation has a clear demarcation between ignoring when they notice you and when they’ve decided to come closer. They will usually sit first. If they notice you, they will stand up and maybe even make fun of you. If they decide to attack, their stance will change and they will run straight at you.

With these three animations (and stances) you can control the beginning of the fight. If two enemies stand up at once, you know they’re both looking at you. However, if you dodge to the side, you should only be able to get one to attack at a time.


As long as you are in the middle part of the world, Fallgrim and Fallgrim Outskirts, bear traps will be scattered all over the place. You will usually find them walking on it. They are great for attracting enemies. When you go back, place the trap between you and them. You will address it directly. While trapped, they are vulnerable to attacks and unable to fight back.

Learn to toughen up

your ability to do so tighten It’s a core mechanic and vanity of the game, it’s also your most effective defense. Harden is just as effective in Hour 20 as it was in Hour 1. Spend some time understanding how Harden works: how long it lasts, what triggers it, and how long its cooldown is.

Hardening prevents you from taking damage and interrupts your attacks and movement. However, getting hit will knock him out of Harden even if he doesn’t take any damage. And that means you can launch things like swing, harden right away, and then wait for someone to get close enough to attack you. If they do, you ignore the damage and end your swing.

The video above shows us how to do just that.

Dodge behaves like a mini-harden

When dodging, his animation shows Harden for a split second. Think of it as an implicit acknowledgment of Frames of Invincibility.

Dodging (and rolling) isn’t as effective or versatile as Harden, but it’s still a great way to avoid damage. You’ll need to factor in dodging while managing your stamina (more on that in a moment), but dodging is about as good as Harden in most situations.

Manage your stamina

As with any Dark Souls-inspired game, you have a stamina meter (green) turned on mortal shell. Drains when running, wielding a weapon, and dodging. Managing your stamina is the difference between surviving a fight and being killed by a low-level enemy.

Your task in battle is to balance your attacks while having enough stamina to dodge. Luckily, your stamina recharges while you’re hardened (if you’re hardened enough). And that means you can deplete your stamina meter with hits, harden to recharge, then turn back and dodge when it’s no longer hardened.

rule of two

The way we think about combat tends to be in pairs. No matter what grenade or weapon you use, you can attack twice as long as you have enough energy to dodge.

And that makes up your basic movement(s): Approach, swing twice, then dodge.

Preserve your Harden when your enemy’s attacks surprise or overwhelm you. As you gain more confidence in combat, you can mix up your moves and attacks, but the two-hit, dodge strategy will help you survive your first (several) hours.

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