Monster Hunter World guide: Assigned quests, investigations, bounties and expeditions

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World of Monster Hunters has a ton going on. From the cluttered HUD to tons of craftable items and huge roaming monsters, it’s hard to figure out what to do at any given moment. However, by understanding your options, you can filter out distractions and decide what to do next.

In this guide, we’ll talk about the top four activities you can do while exploring World of Monster Hunters. These four activities are at the heart of the game. A assignment assigned has more than one research quest. A Main has a purpose while a office It’s open. They are all connected and interwoven. You will encounter them at different times (or at the same time) and for different reasons.

assigned missions


The manager with a assignment assigned available.

assigned missions They are the main missions of your story. They’re hard to miss, especially since someone’s always yelling at you to start the next one. The quest giver or starting point is marked with a big red icon and you have a tracker in the top right corner of your HUD. Assigned quests allow you to do your job as a monster hunter for the Commission and advance in the game. These quests open up new areas, introduce new monsters, and unlock new gear and vendor content.

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investigative missions



Whenever you are in the world you will find things like footprints, Damn, car tracks Where plumage. Examining those monster remains along the way will do two things: Save you research points and unlock again reconnaissance missions. Research missions are a type of themed mini-quest that you complete for the Resource Center that have a specific monster-related goal, such as Along with anything you pick up or cut from monsters during your research quest, you will be rewarded with additional items that are usually rare, useful, or valuable.

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Usually, Bind They’re like investigative missions, but for the collectible crafting materials you’ll find all over the place World of Monster Hunters. You can keep what you collect while completing the rewards. While collecting items is always useful, visit the rewards to complete them Resource Center Once you’ve met the requirement, you’ll get something much more useful: bullets. Use armor bullets on workshop to upgrade and upgrade your armor.

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office it’s just a fancy way of saying “out of town”. You go on an expedition every time you leave the city through one of the gates or when you leave after completing one research quest. Expeditions are all about exploring, practicing and collecting things. In an expedition there is no goal, no success or failure. This is the term for when you are outdoors without having posted a quest.

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