Monster Hunter Rise guide: Rampage quest tips and tricks

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Rampage Quests are a new set of challenges that are exclusive to the game The Rise of the Monster Hunter. Essentially a tower defense mode, Rampage missions allow players to manage turrets and other useful artillery pieces while being able to jump straight into combat.

Rampage Quests give players unique rewards and allow them to collect multiple different types of monster materials at once. The game provides a basic tutorial for this mode as you level up your village, and you can check out our Rampage mission tips below.

Treat Rampage missions like a hunt

Since you can take on monsters directly to defend Kamura Village, you should be well prepared.

Make sure you stock up on healing items and eat some dango before you go.

Note that you cannot catch monsters during Rampage missions, so leave your traps behind. However, in high rank Rampage missions, it is very effective to carry Barrel Bombs, Flash Bombs, and buff items like demon drugs and armor skins.

Always use your password

The password monster hunter Go up allows you to deal immense damage to any monster currently on the field. The password only affects your attacks and does not boost artillery or building attacks.

You can activate the count signal by pressing the button gong counter It can be found in certain areas on the Rampage quest map. Your attacks will only be boosted for a limited time though, so make sure those times count. You can use this time to quickly take down monsters and even take down Apex monsters before potentially catastrophic attacks.

Use a limited subpoena

As you level up in the Rampage mission, you will unlock different types of facilities and even get upgrades. One of the most advantageous types of installation appears as a limited call.


Image credit: Capcom via Polygon

You can choose from characters like Fugen the Elder, Hinoa and Minoto, and Master Utsushi to name a few. Each summon offers a different type of ability. For example, Fugen the Elder unleashes an extremely powerful attack while Hinoa and Minoto linger for a few seconds to deal heavy damage to nearby enemies.

Place these Summons around groups of monsters, especially when they attack your Portal directly. Also, only certain Summons are available in certain stages, so don’t be stingy. If you think the situation might be serious then go ahead and call.

repositioning of facilities

There are different installation points in the three different phases of the Rampage missions. After completing each stage, you have a certain amount of time to replenish items and move facilities. Take the time to do it, or even do it during combat when upgrades are available.

If you find that certain install locations don’t work for you, don’t be afraid to change things up. Simply navigate to an installation platform, hold A to remove it, then press A to install a new one.

However, do not remove your Counter Gong. Leave it in place until you use it.

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