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Image: Asobo Studio/Microsoft Corporation via Polygon

One of the most surprising aspects of Microsoft flight simulator it is his restoration of the entire planet. While it’s fun to see the sights from the comfort of your virtual cockpit or in the simulator’s external camera mode, you may have been wondering how to enable photo mode Microsoft flight simulator

How to enable photo mode to get sharp screenshots? Although there isn’t a dedicated “photo mode”, there is a way to take great pictures using the game’s flagship camera. In this guide we will show you how to do it.

How to activate photo mode

To take photos without your plane or the UI getting in the way, you need to turn on the show camera.


Showcase camera lets you fly freely
Image: Asobo Studio/Microsoft Corporation via Polygon

Turn on the presenter camera before activating it Active recovery First. This feature stops all movements of your plane and allows you to move the camera freely. By default, the active pause is tied to the pause key on your keyboard. For convenience, set a more common and unused key as Control, as we suggested in ours Microsoft flight simulator Guide for Beginners.

To activate the presentation camera, highlight the toolbar at the top of your screen with your mouse and select the camera icon. This opens a range of camera options for the cockpit, external camera and presentation camera. Once you’ve checked the presenter camera options, start controlling it.

How to control the store camera

If you’re playing with a standard controller and your computer keyboard, flying the presenter camera with your gamepad is much easier.

With a controller, use the left controller to move forward, backward, left, and right on a flat plane. With the right joystick you can look in all directions. The left bumpers (or L1 and R1 buttons if it’s a PlayStation controller) rotate the camera, and the shutter buttons (or L2 and R2) move the camera up and down.

If you prefer to use a keyboard, be prepared to use a combination of the left side of the letter keys on your keyboard and the number pad. Together, these buttons control the movement of the Display Drone’s camera.


If you don’t have a numeric keypad, you’ll need to remap it
Image: Asobo Studio/Microsoft Corporation via Polygon

The WASD control scheme is used for forward, backward and sideways movement. Your F and R keys move your drone up and down. The numeric keys control roll, rotate and other camera angle settings. If you don’t have a number pad, map all of these parameters to the J, K, and L keys on the right side of your keyboard.

If for some reason the store camera doesn’t move immediately when you hold down the WASD keys, we’ve learned that holding down the Shift key makes a difference.

How to get good screenshots

If you fly in display mode, the UI will disappear (assuming you close any floating windows around your screen, such as camera settings). Once you’ve positioned your drone where you want it, just take a screenshot and you’re good to go.

The drone’s camera position becomes completely independent of your aircraft once you start controlling it. Although its position is displayed next to your plane, once you steer it wherever you want, you can fly it. Use this freedom to fly low around some of the wonders of the world, get up close to animals while crossing large fields, or fly home.

Finally, if the camera moves too slowly for your liking, there are various speed settings in the slideshow’s camera options, e.g. B. how fast it flies or how fast it rotates around a certain axis.

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