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At first metal gears survive, your biggest problem will be running out of food and water. Eventually it will be easy to saturate both, but not for multiple hours and multiple missions in the single player campaign. This guide aims to teach you how to keep hunger and thirst at bay.

Limit life, resistance, and regeneration

Hunger and thirst have a negative effect on your character. Your maximum health regeneration cap goes down as your hunger increases. The same goes for thirst, but with stamina instead. Until you eat or drink something, these will only regenerate up to the red line on your life and stamina bars.


Your life and stamina bars and the red regeneration limit indicator

In the screenshot above, our character’s life bar is full. If we take damage, it would fully regenerate along the entire length of the bar. However, our resistance is not full. If we were to deplete our stamina to the left of the vertical red line (the regeneration limit), it would only regenerate (or charge) up to that red line.

Eat to recharge your life bar and increase your regeneration cap. Drink to recharge your stamina meter and increase your regeneration limit.

hunt and gather

You must become good at hunting and foraging metal gears survive or you will starve. But don’t worry: you don’t have to be precise or stealthy. Being a good hunter instead METERand other gramsEar Yes indeedSurvive is to be alert at all times. If you see an animal running, no matter how small, chase it away and prepare it for lunch.

find plants

Collect all the plants you find. Part is food. You can find black carrots north of their base camp. is often found Berry at the edges of dirty puddles. Take a look at the gallery above to see what you’re looking for and where to find it on the map.


It is not uncommon to see herds of animals here metal gears surviveAlthough the animals don’t seem to be hanging out in the dust where you need an oxygen mask. So if you are in an open area, look for creatures.

If you find edible animals or plants, use those Rubber stamp Feature to mark and save location. Animals and plants respawn, allowing you to return, hunt, and forage. Try to create a hunting route to follow when the animals start respawning. Complete a mission? Head outside again to check out the herds of animals near your base.


Place pins on your map to mark the locations of plants and animals.

If perishable items remain in your inventory for too long, they will spoil and become poisonous. Eating toxic foods can make you sick. To get rid of the disease, you need to sleep or take medication.

In order not to starve metal gears survive, stay alert. Find animals as you complete missions and mark your map to make sure you can find them. Your future self will thank you.




Once you have your meat, bring it back base camp and use those campfire. Here you can cook raw meat, which eliminates the risk of infection.

Make sure you are efficient. Eating raw meat is a waste and should only be eaten in an emergency. It also appears that raw meat spoils (and thus becomes toxic) faster than cooked food.

As you level up your base camp, you’ll have access to more recipes. After completing several single player missions, you can create one Campfire and hanging pot where you can prepare meals. You can even combine meat with water to make a soup while quenching your thirst and hunger.

fFind wafter

Unlike food, water is easy to find. However, that’s not exactly what Fiji likes to bottle. It is not dirty water. Drinking dirty water can make you sick and cause uncontrollable vomiting. You can solve this problem with the healing menu or by sleeping, just like with food poisoning.

In the first hours of metal gears survive, the best thing you can do is drink and hope you don’t get poisoned. Our tests show that drinking one bottle at a time is safer than one bottle at a time. The latter seems to have a higher chance of causing an infection.

You should drink water, but in moderation. If you drain your energy and drink multiple bottles of dirty water, you may regret it. Instead, keep an eye on your stamina bar’s regeneration meter and drink bottle at a time before your stamina runs out.

Dirty water can be found in many places. When you come across a pond, fill the bottles you have (and mark the spot with a stamp on your map). You can also find tons of dirty water clogged in the sinks by rolling down the bases.

While it may seem pointless, Dirty Water isn’t your only early-game hydration. metal gears survive. However, it is the most reliable. Although rare, you can find clean water if you clean up. Be sure to grab everything on each shelf as you explore. The next time you’re thirsty, you might find that you have more clean water than you thought.

versusTilt wafter



After recovering the bulldozer and defending your base for the first time (several hours and missions in metal gears survive), more crafting options will be unlocked for your home port. Do one Campfire and hanging pot. Thanks to this extreme technological advancement, you can now boil your dirty water.

Boiling the sprouts out of the water turns dirty water into clean water. However, this means you have to take the dirty water back to your base before drinking it. (Although you can tinker too rainwater tanks in your home port collecting water). Make sure you have enough clean water before leaving camp. Once you have the pot, water essentially stops being an issue.


Several hours and missions for a single player in metal gears survive, you have the possibility to build farms in your base. You can start with potatoes and eventually move on to onions and corn. Farms aren’t great for self-sustaining, but they’re pretty straightforward. The survivors you rescue will take care of the farm for you.

You need farms to feed your team, but you can also benefit from them. After a while, you can go to a farm and harvest some of their crops. You can cook them to make small meals or even elaborate meals depending on your resources.

There are also water purifiers and water collectors to build. They are essentially water farms. Over time they will collect water for you even if the spout is dirty. However, water purifiers (which require much rarer electronic parts to craft) allow you to collect drinking water directly from them.

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