Metal Gear Survive defense guide: Our favorite fences, barricades, traps and strategies

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Inside metal gears surviveyour task is to build fences, barricades and weapons to defend a location from hordes of zombies. Whether you’re securing a warp point, the digger, or your base of operations, you’re almost always defending something. Learning to defend effectively is essential to progress metal gears survive. Luckily we have some strategies for you. This guide will teach you how to defend yourself, your base, and your allies metal gears survive.

Use natural bottlenecks


Placing a fence at the base of this ladder will prevent hikers from reaching you

metal gears survive often requires you to survive a horde of zombies, and building a good defense is so important that we’ve already included it in our tips for METERmetal equipment survive.

In some missions you have to survive while the enemies invade the objective. In others, hikers take designated trails. No matter where they come from, close their entrances with fences, barricades and traps. Drifters are dangerous because of their numbers and speed, not their intelligence. If you put something in their way, they will fall into your trap. Blocking his path gives you a great opportunity to save time and attack from a safe distance.

Arts and crafts Defense units based on your weapon


A normal fence with the Attack Penetration perk.

A normal fence to Attack Penetration Advantage so you can thrust your spear and shoot your arrows or weapons through them. You can quickly kill mobs of enemies grouped through these penetrable fences.

However, if you use a blunt weapon like the hammer or the bat, you won’t be able to break through these fences. But hope is not lost. Use the slightly less effective, slightly more dangerous method instead. barricades. They are not as high as fences and can be quickly destroyed by zombies. But you can swing and hit your enemies. Don’t get too close to him as you are not immune to his damage.

Use fire arrows and Molotov cocktails.


A fire arrow can light up multiple walkers.

Inside metal gears surviveAs in most zombie novels, fire is deadly. The flames can ignite your enemies and nearby grass, and spread further as flaming zombies collide.

you can build Molotow cocktail early in the game We suggest that you always carry the maximum number of these whenever possible. Molotov cocktails deal massive damage to groups. Throw them at the fences to drive back the horde. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, Molotov cocktails will save your life.

fire arrows They are even more potent than their bottled cousins. While they don’t seem to have the same blast radius as a cocktail, you can hold dozens of them at once and build them in bulk. Wait for a small group of enemies to gather around a normal fence, then shoots a fire arrow. The dart explodes on impact, setting nearby walkers on fire. Your fences can take damage as zombies pile up, but you get a lot more hits for each arrow fired in a group.

Set traps in front of fences and barricades.

Once metal gears survive starts to get a little more serious, you could end up with cheat schemes. You can use items like rotating blades and flame traps to your advantage in many different locations. However, some places are better than others.

If you have a stationary trap like the ones mentioned above, consider placing it in front of a barricade or fence that you created. These traps generally deal damage over time, sometimes constant minor damage, sometimes occasional explosive damage. Keep zombies in one place for long periods of time like you can with a fence or barricade and your traps will do you good.

First, use the tools you were given


Complete a nearby Walker Gear mission to help defend the Digger.

metal gears survive It’s a management simulator. If you don’t manage your food and drink, you will die. If you don’t manage your ammo, you will die. If you don’t manage your traps, you will die. As such, you want to keep as many of your tools as possible. Fortunately, there’s a relatively easy way to do this.

As you defend more and more difficult locations, you sometimes have useful equipment. At first it appears as a turret or mortar scattered around the defense location. But by the end of the game you will be ready to set the traps.

Instead of freaking out and shooting your hard bullets at zombies, use the turret. Instead of throwing the precious Molotov you crafted, use the Mortar behind you. If you find a Walker Gear before a mission, you can also pick it up and use its powerful weapon.

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