Mermaid Coloring Pages – 30 Printable Sheets

Are you ready to color magical inhabitants under the sea? Print out our set of mermaid coloring pages, a happy group of ladies resplendent in whatever color your kids want to color.

There are 30 printable mermaid coloring pages waiting for you, a good part of which are completely free to print.

Mermaid coloring pages to print and color for kids

Grab your colored pencils or markers and enjoy the summer while coloring this beautiful set of mermaid coloring pages. There’s a design for everyone, from the simple ones that preschoolers and kindergarteners will love, to the more detailed ones that are better suited to older kids (or you).

When you’re done coloring her, why not challenge her and ask her to draw a mermaid herself? With our tutorial you will be drawing it in no time.

We share 10 free mermaid coloring pages with you and your kids or students. You can choose simple or more detailed designs that are sure to please older children.

Mermaid coloring pages

This underwater beauty will look stunning when colored in bright colors. You can dye her hair blonde, red or whatever you want. She also has a crown so make sure she stands out. Also, don’t forget to color the background; She is still a mermaid who mainly lives underwater.

Kids can even try drawing a fish or two to complete this drawing.

waving mermaid

Say hello to this curly hair cute lady and make her even happier by coloring her tail, top, hair and all the hearts around her.

Mermaid and clown fish

Use her to color in the mermaid and the two clown fish. This mermaid styles her hair to make her look as beautiful as possible. All she needs is a little color to make her stand out.

Mermaid and Stars

This beautiful lady is a princess of all mermaids. Make her stand out by coloring the background as well after coloring her hair, dress and stars.

Mermaid at the sea

Can you imagine seeing this mermaid looking at the sunset or the full moon? Or maybe you just sunbathe in the middle of the day.

Take your pens and color the beauty, the coast and the sea. Why not draw a dolphin coming out of the water too?

Mermaid with a book

Mermaids love to read books! When they have finished reading, they also enjoy listening to music. Do you think they have other hobbies too?

Mermaid with a potion

Have you ever heard of mermaid potions? Well, this beautiful underwater lady made one for herself. Help her create magic and color in with your favorite pencils or markers.

Mermaid with a starfish

This one has a starfish friend at the bottom of the ocean. You can color the background blue to make them stand out.

Octopus and mermaid coloring pages

Many mysteries are hidden from our eyes. Like this: A mermaid and her octopus friend are talking underwater. Color them both and make them even happier.

what could they talk about Would you like to have an octopus friend too? You can quickly draw an octopus yourself.

Mermaid dances

Dance with an adorable mermaid princess and have fun coloring this sheet. It is perfect for small and big children.

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bubbles under the sea

So many bubbles and a young sailor enjoying the show. Color it with bright colors and don’t forget to color the water, bubbles and starfish too.

The coloring of the bubbles is really relaxing. Don’t want to color the bubbles? Leave them empty and color the water around them. Either way, the end result will be impressive.

Coloring pages whales and mermaids

Take a look at this majestic ocean scene: a young seafarer combing her hair to look as pretty as possible for her two whale friends.

Shy mermaid coloring page

Maybe he’s quiet, shy, or just sleepy. We don’t know exactly, but what we do know is that she would look a lot prettier with a colorful dress, seaweed, coral and the sea.

Swim in the ocean

This swimming mermaid coloring page is perfect for summer. Doesn’t she swim so nicely in the water? Make it as colorful as you like.

Underwater mermaids coloring pages

Grab your markers and have fun coloring this coloring page. It’s perfect for hot summer days and for kids who like to use different colored markers.

There is so much detail in this one, especially the tail. You can use different colors for each part, different shades of the same color, or just use one color for everything. The choice is yours and the end result will be amazing any way you choose.


Happy birthday to all mermaid lovers. It’s time to grab your pens again and add some vibrant color to the dancing mermaid. Remember that you can always color the background blue to make it stand out better.

happy mermaid

Is she the happiest mermaid or what? Watch as she enjoys the company of seashells and starfish floating around her. We bet it would look stunning in pink.

As this model has quite a bit of detail, we think older kids will love it. You can even ask them to add all sorts of textures to the tail.

Mermaids coloring pages

Another underwater beauty waiting to be colored. You can choose between different markers to highlight the blue mermaid of the sea.

Coloring page lady of the sea

This mermaid is just waiting for your pencils to keep her company. Choose from the brightest ones to color his tail and don’t forget that you can always color the background blue.

Mermaid and a Fish

Color this mermaid and her friend Mr. Fish in your favorite colors with colored pencils or felt-tip pens. You will look great in any color you choose. Strong colors, pastels in natural or dark tones.

You can also color his tail with the colors of the rainbow. Also use a blue marker or any other marker to color the background. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, why not draw more details on this coloring page?

underwater party

Underwater habitats hide many mysteries. Here is a beautiful lady of the sea and seahorse coloring sheet that your kids will enjoy coloring. Aren’t you pretty?

Mermaid and a turtle

Two best friends; a mermaid and a turtle enjoying the sea life. While you can dye the tail green, it really stands out more if you choose a different color and dye the turtle green.

do you like turtles We also have an easy way to draw a turtle tutorial on the site. So when your kids are done coloring, why not try to draw a turtle themselves?

Mermaid and Seaweed

Did you know that mermaids love to play with seaweed? This one caught a really big one today. Color the mermaid’s tail and top, make her hair shine and also color the underwater plant.

Mermaid at the bottom of the sea

What do you think this guy is thinking? Maybe she’s in love or just dreaming about all the underwater adventures she’s about to have. Run these marks and color the entire page.

Mermaid in a jar

Mostly mermaids live in the water. This one takes a break from the vast oceans in her own bathtub. Color the jar and the adorable mermaid with your colored markers.

mermaid coloring

This one came in shallow water just so you could color it. She wears a cute skirt and loves to dance underwater. Color the entire page with your markers and pencils.

You can paint all sorts of other sea creatures on the blanks of this sheet.

Underwater Coloring Sheet

Color this young girl playing with a ball. You can also color the background blue or light green to really make it stand out.

swim with starfish

Isn’t she beautiful among the starfish enjoying their day on the water? Maybe she’s lying on the bottom of the sea, so you can color the background light brown if you think that’s where she’s resting.

play with the dolphin

Color the mermaid and dolphin with your favorite colors and watch them play in the sparkling ocean.

dye long hair in water

She really looks like Ariel, but is she? Choose your favorite colors and dye her hair, with the top red, purple and the tail green if you want her to look like the little mermaid. Or use any colors and color it to your liking.

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