Mercenary Kings getting 200-page NES-inspired strategy guide


Tribute Games’ 16-bit action-adventure platformer, mercenary kingsgets some added old-school authenticity in the form of a 200-page strategy guide and art book Master Code of the Mercenary Kingsinspired by the old Nintendo Player’s Choice Guides.

Off Base Productions turned to Kickstarter to secure it Master Code of the Mercenary Kings done and looking for $65,000 to offset labor, production, and fulfillment costs. That’s just $10,000 less than Tribute Games was aiming for in successful funding last year mercenary kings via Kickstarter, which raised more than $116,000 in donations.

The full-color paperback strategy guide promises to detail the game’s basics, missions, crafting systems, and enemies. It will also serve as a record of the game’s development, with concept art, sprite sheets, developer interviews and more. Creators Off Base Productions names classic strategy guides, such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Player’s Guide Nintendo Y Perfect Chrono Trigger Bibleas well as modern tribute books such as Fangamer’s mother’s handbook 3as a source of inspiration.

Off Base offers many levels of support on Kickstarter. Access to a digital version of the Codex Master starts at $5. A physical copy costs at least $20, with other perks including a variant cover, a poster, a spherical USB stick with a copy of the manual and the game, and other goodies available at higher funding tiers.

mercenary kings It is currently available for Windows PC via Steam Early Access. The game is also available for Mac, Ouya and PlayStation 4.

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