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What is?

The door handle button, headlamp washer jets, sun visors and spare tire cover. This is a complete list of pieces that are reprises from the old Classe G. Apparemment, and there is already a support in Dessous that also has the same number of pieces as before, but the engineers do not know what to do exactly. find. Everything else, everything, is new.

It’s about time, really. Old G had been around since the dawn of the automobile (well, 1979), an old soldier who still refused to give up his job.

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This position is off-road capability. Surely Mercedes must have been tempted to take the new one in a more urban direction, as that’s the landscape the G seems most capable of conquering. “Not at all,” specifies Gunnar Guthenke, the boss of the G-Class, “above all it had to be authentic, so there were three elements that absolutely had to be kept: the hyper-tough ladder frame, the three differentials, limited-slip gearboxes and low-end”.

reassured? The off-roader is always front and center, because authenticity comes from capability. But Guthenke also knew that things had to change: “Once again, we have identified three key areas: significantly improve interior comfort, significantly improve ride comfort and further improve off-road handling.”

The result is unusual: a full-length ladder-frame chassis incorporating an independent front suspension with tight double wishbones, capped between the struts by a thick brace. The body is 55% more rigid, with all components stored within the ladder frame for protection. The chassis itself is heavier than before, but overall the G is 170kg lighter.

It will wade through 100mm deeper water than before (now 700mm), can lean 35 degrees and go up and down 45 degree slopes. There is no height-adjustable chassis because Mercedes doesn’t think suspension airbags are durable enough in extreme conditions.

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Surprisingly, it’s stupid AMG that accounts for nearly two-thirds of global sales. Not the diesel but the biturbo V8. This is the 4.0-liter AMG GT R, with 577 hp and 626 lb-ft. In LHD markets there is also a G500 that uses a detuned 416-hp/450 lb-ft version of the same engine.

What’s the verdict?

Advances in handling, cabin design and quality take the G-Class from an aging anachronism to a car that can be considered alongside premium Range Rovers.

The G-Class is a mainstay of the Mercedes range. That’s why it always looks the same. But make no mistake, underneath it has been transformed. Advances in handling, cabin design and quality take the G-Class from an aging anachronism to a car that can be considered alongside premium Range Rovers.

It may be moderately less quiet and smooth, but if you really want serious off-road capability, the G won’t let you down. Its positioning is interesting, showing the value Mercedes still places on having a halo car that it can explore. As such, it raises some interesting questions about what Land Rover will do with the new Defender.

Guthenke compares the G to a crocodile because not much has changed because it is already very well adapted to its environment. But actually, it’s more of a rhinoceros. Hard as teak, but surprisingly athletic.

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