Mercedes-Benz E-Class review


What is?

If the S-Class is the car that defines Mercedes as a purveyor of highly intelligent, safe and refined luxury automobiles, then the E-Class is the lucky little brother that follows shortly after and gets most, if not all, of the S. Classy stuff and toys, in a smaller, cheaper package.

It’s taller than a C-Class, straighter and more professional than the open-necked CLS, and nothing richer than its SUV cousin, the GLE. The E-Class is there to fight the BMW 5 Series, Jaguar XF, Volvo S90 in Europe, as well as Cadillac, Lexus, Infiniti and Genesis in the sunniest parts of the world. So it’s a very important car. Worldwide sales of the current model just topped 1.2 million, with everyone from politicians to grime artists signing up for an E.

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The current E-Class has been on sale since 2017 and received a fairly extensive update in early 2021. The styling has been harmlessly revised, Mercedes has restarted its engine lineup with several plug-in hybrid variants, revised active safety systems and introduced a touch-sensitive button philosophy on the steering wheel to match the new MBUX touchscreen controller. What a relief.

Not because it’s good, you understand. We’re glad there’s something controversial to sink your teeth into. Otherwise, the E-Class is designed to go unnoticed, whether it’s a faithfully discreet company car, an airport taxi, a fishy-smelling UberLux, or a hit man’s getaway. You’ve probably seen two or three E’s today. But have you noticed them? Exactly.

We tested the responsive E220d and the AMG E53 to get an idea of ​​the bookends in the E-Class range. If you’re looking for a bloody super saloon and want to know all about the creepy and wonderfully ridiculous AMG E63 S, check out our custom review. for 600 hp tire shredders tapping here. If not, rest assured, the E-Class doesn’t necessarily need a Drift mode to impress the likes of us…

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Our choice of the range.

Mercedes Benz
E220d AMG Line 4 Doors 9G-Tronic

What’s the verdict?

Mercedes has poured everything it knows into the new E-Class. It really shows

The E-Class is an extremely well executed piece of equipment. Exudes a mature attitude. He feels older and worthy. The range of engines is excellent and it is an extremely comfortable and stress-free long-distance mode of transport.

Its main problem is that the BMW 5 Series in particular is roomy and well-bred these days, but it benefits from an added oomph and sense of balance in its chassis that leaves the Mercedes a bit flat.

Whether that’s not a problem, or you just prefer the Benz’s slightly more subtle presence, you really can’t go wrong here. After decades of experience, Mercedes has distilled everything it knows about executive sedans into a completely tidy car.

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