Mercedes-AMG Reveals One-Off Will.I.AMG In Collaboration With Will.I.Am

Mercedes-AMG Reveals One-Off Will.I.AMG In Collaboration With Will.I.Am

Mercedes-AMG, in collaboration with music artist – real name William Adams – has presented a unique creation called Will.I.AMG or The Flip. The creation is based on the Mercedes-AMG 4-door coupe, the final product of which was built by design house West Coast Customs. The final car combines the looks of the Mercedes G-Class with that of the AMG GT into a rather unique two-door coupe.

“Our collaboration with has reached new heights with ‘The Flip’. We inspired and motivated each other to realize this holistic concept, which is much more than an extraordinary automotive part. We face up to our responsibility to Mercedes- AMG’s success as a performance luxury brand also depends in large part on inspiring the next generation and providing easy access to the latest technologies and digital advances from our heritage of always being pioneers be and dare something new. We will continue this legacy with and The Flip, said Philipp Schiemer, Chairman of the Board of Directors. of Mercedes AMG GmbH.

The design of the front of the Will.I.AMG is inspired by the G-Class with its straight, rectangular proportions, round headlights and angular fenders. The grille bears a unique Mercedes logo with the three-pointed star embedded in a bear’s face. The four-door body was reworked into a two-door coupe with rear-opening doors. The roof was modified with two panes extending to the back of the windshield.

The Flip combines the style of the G-Class and the SLS AMG and was built by West Coast Customs

However, the engine remained unchanged from the original AMG GT 4-door coupe.

“I didn’t touch the engine because AMG really makes the best engines,” said

The Flip will be on display at the upcoming F1 race in Miami and unveiled at the event in the presence of distinguished guests including F1 driver and multiple world champion Lewis Hamilton. According to Mercedes, all car-related activities benefit the Foundation to lift communities out of poverty.

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Mercedes-AMG said in a statement that the goal of this project is to “give more students from disadvantaged communities access to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) education to equip them with the skills that future jobs and inventing new technologies are required.

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