Mazda RX-8 review


As it is inside?

So its performance isn’t world-class, but it’s inside that the RX-8 really comes across as something of a wild card. Those who were unsure whether to go from the practicality of a hot hatchback to the glamor of a coupe had their anxieties allayed with this car. With two decent-sized rear seats, and a door next to each, this Mazda claimed to be the best of both worlds.

The fact that absolutely no one has followed suit except Mazda with the recently launched MX-30 (which is neither a hatchback nor a coupe, of course) should tell you how successful it was considered. But even the best part of two decades later, the entire TG team was still cooing over Eight’s unconventional body. It remains a fascinating thing to simply behold.

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But what about “sit”?

Well, the ones in the back have cup holders and a storage compartment, plus the kind of rear pop-up windows we haven’t seen on three-doors in a long time. Therefore, Mazda saw their well-being as important and the seats as real gestures, not symbolic ones.

Up front, the RX-8 gives its age with small exterior mirrors and a button to select “minidisc” as the music source. However, we’d say the overall design has aged well – the lack of a fingerprint-smeared touchscreen makes it clear this isn’t a New car, and the amount of space the handbrake takes up probably goes to show why, on a practical level, these things aren’t mechanical anymore.

But the layout works well and everything feels well put together. The seats are comfortable and delightfully low. Just the old-fashioned infotainment setup would be cumbersome on a day-to-day basis if you jump to one from something more modern. And no, seeing a “10” on your tach simply never gets old. However, using the key to open the trunk does.

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