Mass Effect guide: How long is the game?


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the mass effect legendary edition finally combines all three games of the trilogy in one package. This collection marks the beginning of a series of changes to the game, even updating visual consistency across the franchise. Whether you’re diving into the series for the first time or just curious how long the first game will last, this guide has answers for you.

In this mass effect Duration guide we tell you how long the first game of the trilogy lasts. We will also share some tips to make reading this new version easier for you.

How long does the first Mass Effect last?

In our part of the first game of the mass effect Trilogy lasted the game about 20 hours Shake.

During our time with the game, we finished the main story, spent some time pondering some options and consequences, and took on some character-based side quests. Our time to complete the game matches estimates on the global time tracking site How Long To Beat, which includes the main story of mass effect It takes about 17 hours to finish. Users of your site also collectively set the expiration time mass effect 2 Y Mass Effect 3 at 24 hours.

If you have never played mass effect – or just need a refresher on the series – check out ours Mass Effect Legendary Edition Beginner’s Guide where we will teach you how to choose the right class, how to unlock new skills, how dialogue works and how best to control your team.

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