Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: Station Sabotage Heleus assignment

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After you hit everyone but before you return to the Hyperion, do the “sabotage of the train station” Heleus Mission Quest you picked up earlier by talking to the Colonial Manager Care Addison.

Here’s why: it’s done relatively quickly, it gives you XP, you don’t have to travel far to do it, and it highlights a few quirks Mass Effect: Andromedawith whom you must learn to work.


It’s good.

You will continue this side quest if a technician blows up a plate and you tell him about it.

  1. Check the map and choose which of the three locations you will visit first. There is no exact location for these signs, but the lightning bolts coming off the wall are a good clue. We’ll start with the Pathfinder HQ panel.
  2. When you get to the panel, take out your scanner. SAM will ask you to follow some threads to another panel. Just follow the yellow wires shown with your scanner. You go to the Operations Center.
  3. The next sign can be found on the other side of the Operations Center (just follow the marker on your HUD). Repeat the process and follow the threads again.
  4. If you scan the last panel of the militia headquarters, SAM and Raj will identify the culprit. You need to find them “on the main deck of Hyperion”.


Use of tram controls

This is where we encountered our first problem with the interface. If you were like us and walked by in silence Hyperion As part of the instructions you were given, you probably tried to follow the marker on your HUD. It will make you go round in circles. And then when you check your map, the marker appears to be in the middle of the room. This is actually the entrance to the tram.

As long as the mission marker is in that exact spot, it means you’ll have to catch the tram somewhere else. Go to the ground floor and return to the tram.


This brings us to another peculiarity of interaction. There are different buttons on the tram controls and these controls correspond to different destinations. It seems painfully obvious to spell it that way, but it took us an awkward time to figure out why the tram was dropping us off at random locations. (If this image helps anyone else at all, we feel vindicated.)

Hyperion Residential Bridge

  1. When you finally have everything figured out, go to Hyperion’s Housing Bridge and have a chat Sarah Kellus. It will show you security images.
  2. You’ll also encounter the same problem with the tram waypoint: the map appears to have your destination right next to you, but it’s actually a tram ride. After feeling frustrated and embarrassed, take the tram back to Nexus Operations.
  3. Follow your HUD marker to review security images. HE SAT He will find a way to track down the saboteur with his scanner.
  4. Just follow your creators and scan the human males you see until you find your man.
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