Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: Restoring a World Heleus assignment walkthrough

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Voeld is a cold planet and nothing will change that, but you can make it a little bit more livable. The monolithic sudokus are a little harder than you’ve seen before, but they’re manageable (check out the galleries below for solutions if you need them) and the safe is relatively easy as long as you don’t get too distracted.

  • Activate monoliths. The thing about the Voeld Monoliths is that they are under the ice cap. You have to drive a bit to find a nearby cave
  • Let’s start with the vault in the southwest. There are three glyphs to find. The first two are located next to each other on one of the neighboring pillars. The last one is on the ground floor at the back of the room. Just use your scanner to trace the supply lines.
  • Solve the remaining Sudoku and get out of there. (The solution is the last picture in the gallery above).
  • Then the northernmost, the one at the apex of the triangle. You need to find another tunnel to access the console.
  • Once again there are three glyphs to find. All three are on the pillars. You can jump between (at least) two of them to avoid climbing, but there are plenty of ice platforms nearby.
  • Again, the solution is in the gallery above.
  • The entrance to the last monolith is also underground (under the ice?). The entrance can be tricky to find, so check the map above.
  • There are three more glyphs to find. One is on the ground floor near the console. The other two are on the ice above you. Climb up and go to the monolith. Then use your scanner to find the glyphs.
  • Solve the last sudoku to reveal the vault.
  • Examine the vault entrance. Go to the marker on your map. The vault will pop out of the ice as you approach it. Go inside and reduce gravity well.
  • Activate the backup power supply. Go straight below to turn on the power. Then go to the back of the room at the top of the balcony to open the door.
  • The next room is a problem because it’s cold – you have to solve the puzzles while staying warm (which means using force field bubbles regularly to charge your life support).
  • There are two directions you can go when entering this room: left for some containers and some things to look for research points, or right for the console that controls this vault. We focus on the critical path, but we can also explore the left side of the coin. Come back here where you started to find us.
  • Leave the first console you find alone (the active beam should be pointing to the right). Just opposite the platform pillars on the right side of the room. Eliminate any remaining robots you find there.
  • Use the pillars to continue across the room to your HUD marker. Press any of the safe zone force fields to reload while you take care of the remaining robots.
  • Pick up the safe lock.
  • Escape the purification field and exit the vault.. Simply retrace your steps across the room and make your way back to the Gravity Well, jumping over the pillars as you go. Shoot the remaining robots as needed, but feel free to ignore them: your goal is to get out, not take out the baddies.
  • The console just behind the door closes the cleaning panel.
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