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That’s it. It’s time to fulfill your role as Pathfinder and smack the Archon in the face. They have been preparing for this moment for a long time in the Andromeda galaxy. The choices you made prior to this point will affect who shows up to help you during this fight. And just like the last time you were in the Meridian, it’s a gigantic, non-stop struggle.

  • talk to suv. Fortunately, this time you don’t have to do the dance of reading an email and then speaking.
  • The Scourge group in search of data. You must send three probes. The first is in the Civki system (where Meridian is located), the second in Vaalon, and the last in Hefena.
  • Before proceeding to the next step, you need to examine the flail data on a new disposable terminal on the bridge. It’s the terminal just past Kallo.
  • Speak to the Scourge investigation team. Most of the time you just need to talk to Suvi.
  • Return to Remnant City in the Civki system..
  • It’s your point of no return on the main stage. You can always return to Andromeda Galaxy and its side quests after completing the main story.
  • C’est une bonne idée de prendre a minute pour vous assurer que vous avez choisi tout votre équipement préféré (et savedu le bon schéma de couleurs), mis à level vous-même et votre équipe et verifié le magasin (ou la recherche station ) one last time.
  • When you’re dropped off at Meridian, much less dramatic this time, head forward to find the door inside.
  • Once you go up the ramp (either side of the room) you will encounter the first remaining robots. Walk through them.
  • Assemble the remaining pillars in the center of the room for an easy-to-miss container.
  • Exit the room through the doors at the back.
  • Reach the control center and reveal Meridian.. Use the console in the middle of the room.
  • That will not go well.
  • Fight to get to the door.
  • The action switches to the other twin returning in the Hyperion – we played as Sara, so here we’re playing as Scott.
  • get a gun. Go ahead and follow your HUD marker.
  • communication battle. You’re stuck as the non-Pathfinder Ryder twin with a found weapon, so don’t rush it. Stay healthy and don’t be a hero. In the first room you reach, you will meet two chosen ones. After treating them, go up the stairs and through the door.
  • Head down the hall and meet the ammo and health crates on the left. The next room has chosen two more to fight, but you will also encounter Captain Dunn.
  • Continue into the next room and turn right. Take cover and examine the situation. There are several other kett at the end of the hall, including an anointed and a chosen one.
  • Once again, don’t be a hero. Just run down the hall and through the door.
  • Access maintenance access. Follow the hallway and your HUD to communicate.
  • Send a signal to restore Pathfinder’s implant.
  • That will not go well.
  • You’re back as your favorite twin, but SAM is gone.
  • Interface to open the door. It takes a few tries, but you can do it. Keep moving forward and use gravity to return to where Tempest landed.
  • Assemble your team in Tempest. After a few words of inspiration and the realization that you can activate the rest to defend Meridian, it’s time to fight the Archon (again).
  • Go to the bridge to start. This will be another point of no return, but there’s not much you can do here. You cannot travel anywhere else, but you can check your cargo.
  • One way or another, take on the Archon’s fleet. After more talks and some really fancy flights from Kallo, the fight goes to the ground. Well, within Meridian.
  • Hunt the Archon in Nomad. There is no subtlety here: you are in a valley and there is only one way. Keep going until you can’t anymore.
  • Defeat Kett guarding the entrance.. You have to fight your way through some kett waves. Move slowly so they don’t surround you. Watch the edges (and explore every area you move through) to find ammo and health crates.
  • Step to meridian control.
  • Fight your way to the Archon. As you make your way through the building, you’ll find more kett. Just keep moving slowly.
  • Defeat defending enemies.
  • Keep pushing toward Meridian Control. At the end of the hall turn right. You will come to another great kett fight. There’s only a ton of warp here. Take cover as best you can and watch your flanks – the kett will try to scale the side ramps and surround you. Some debris will appear during the third warp wave. Just keep shooting.
  • When all enemies are defeated, go to your HUD marker.
  • After you pass the first pillar, use the console on your left to build a bridge. Cross this and turn right. Go past the next pillar and use the console on the right to repeat the process.
  • Fight against the ascending warp. It’s another big fight. You have to deal with many minions of Kett and another Ascendant. Use cover to stay away from the Ascendant while manipulating minions, then focus your full attention (and firepower) on the Ascendant.
  • Before he finishes him off, another wave of minions will appear. Stop your struggle with the ascendant to manage them.
  • Keep pushing toward Meridian Control. Go up the ramp to continue your way. At the top of the ramp are much-needed health and ammo crates.
  • After another cutscene, go to the door at the end of the hall.
  • Defeat Kett, who guards gravity well.. There are a chosen few, two anointed, two chosen and one demon. Stick to the slow and steady approach – don’t rush the fight and move slowly.
  • And then a remaining destroyer appears.
  • Once everything has stopped firing at you, hit the ammo and health boxes, then head to the center of the room for a good gravity find.
  • Step straight into gravity.
  • Access the heart of Meridian Control. There is no battle for this part: your twin fights the Archon for control and guides you along the way. You will take a winding path, but your task is only to look for the opening or open door and go through it. You go right, left, right and then straight to the Gravity Well which will bring you closer.
  • There is a long way to go before you reach your goal. Towards the end, look for the ammo and health crates, then head through the door to face the Archon.
  • Eliminate the ketts guarding the Archon. We don’t have the means to say, “It’s a great fight.” There are many difficult ketts. You will shoot a lot. Stay under cover, don’t rush, and keep an eye out for ammo boxes (you’ll definitely need those ammo boxes).
  • Kill all the remains and go to the relay.. After another cutscene, you’ll get a new objective on your HUD. However, do not rush. Move towards him while staying in cover. When the rest materialize, take them out and then slowly move again.
  • There are so many leftovers to fight here.
  • Defend yourself until Scott releases the interface. You will face the remaining normal robots and an architect while defending the console. Don’t focus on one or the other or you will be surprised. Just keep shooting and visit the ammo and health box behind you often.
  • Interface to break Archon control.
  • Kill all the remains and go to the relay.. Another target will appear on your HUD. Slowly move toward it, clearing the debris as you go.
  • Watch out for red distortions, which means the Architect will attack and calmly avoid you. It’s a devastating attack, but you’ll get plenty of warnings.
  • Stay on the right side of the room and look at a console. Use it to create a bridge through the rest of the deadly liquid.
  • Slowly cross the room. There’s a lot more scraps coming in and it’s very, very easy to be surrounded and outnumbered when running. Move methodically from cover to cover.
  • Defend yourself as Scott bridges the chasm. If you need to get out of the way and defend yourself a bit, stay close to the health and ammo crates. Lots of leftovers come in. And you still have to shoot the architect.
  • Kill all the remains and go to the relay.. Once his twin raises the pillars to get closer to the relay, there’s another new group of bots to kill. Just go on. We believe in you.
  • Defend yourself until Scott releases the interface. While you wait, you still have to shoot the Architect in the face.
  • Interface to break Archon control.
  • Kill all the remains and go to the relay.. You should have understood that by now. More runs, more shots.
  • Archon Meridian removal interface.
  • Everything is cinematic from now on. Sit back and enjoy the show.
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