Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: How to change your armor

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Everything seems to be in there Mass Effect: Andromeda, something as simple as changing armor isn’t easy. You can’t swap out weapons or armor on the fly by simply accessing your inventory menu. Changing your team involves navigating both the planet you are on and a series of menus.

Where to change armor


Basically, every time you see the word “Shop” on screen, you can change gears (and change your Nomad’s color scheme, which we gave a lot of thought to). There are five tabs on these screens, respectively weapons, armor, consumables, squad members and the The Nomad livery.

Landing on a planet

Every time you exit Tempest and land on a planet, you’ll see a loading screen where you can customize your gear to your liking, though customization usually just means picking your best armor and weapons and calling them good. There are a few notable exceptions to this rule: the Nexus, where you stay in civilian clothes and don’t carry weapons, and Port of Kadara, where weapons are prohibited (although you’ll see the loading screen if you drive out of town into the Badlands) . .

Before a big fight

When you’re about to start a big fight, usually near the climax of a Priority Ops mission (main story), you’ll see a loading screen. (These may be welcome when you’re loaded with a less-than-ideal, under-performing weapon that looked great in the display case.)

reference stations


All front station They invoke a planet that has the ability to change its charge (as well as a a research station to make new gears in some cases) on one side.




In the storm, you can change teams by walking Unloading station at the lock — is located aft of the bridge on the left (port side, aft persecution). You will continue to wear your civilian clothes on the ship, but this can be a good way to save time when you land on a planet. Choosing exactly what you want here will help speed up the landing process.

Change the color of your armor and Ryder’s casual outfit



Color coordination is also important in your mission to save the galaxy. You can change both Ryder’s casual wear and armor colors in the game’s wardrobe. pioneer district in the storm The closet is a panel on the wall to the left as you enter. (There are two tabs: the first is for casual wear and the second is for armor.)

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