Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: Healing Kadara’s Heart Heleus assignment walkthrough

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There’s not much you can do about the wretched swarm of scum and evil that is Kadara Port, but you can start working on making the Kadara Wasteland more hospitable. After interrogating Vehn Terev in the Priority Ops mission “Hunting the Archon,” you can traverse the Badlands to begin searching for Monoliths.

  • Activate monoliths. This time we start with the monolith in the west. The console here is underground, and since Kadara is the Wild West, you’ll have to fight your way through a raider camp to get there.
  • Find the raider camp near the monolith and take them out. Head up the rocky hill behind the camp and follow your HUD to find the tunnel.
  • Try not to shoot the local angarans who are only there to help you.
  • Follow your scanner to find the two nearby glyphs. There are no tricks here. Just follow the channels and scan the glyphs.
  • No headaches this time either: just press the button and get started.
  • Then we continued south. Again, you need to find a tunnel to access the monolith.
  • You’ll have to fight your way through a few attackers, including a Hydra robot, on your way through the tunnel.
  • There are four glyphs to find this time. The first two are right next door, you hardly have to walk to scan them. The third is behind you on the right, but still in the same room. The final glyph is back in the room where you fought the attackers. Go back into this room and use your scanner to look at the wall to your right.
  • There are no puzzles this time either.
  • The eastern monolith is above ground. You need to find three more glyphs here.
  • There is a glyph on top of a pillar – just use the rocks on the left to climb to the top. The remaining two glyphs are at ground level.
  • It only remains to solve the remaining sudoku (the solution is in the gallery above).
  • Examine the vault entrance. Follow your HUD marker to the safe. Head down the ramp and make good use of gravity inside.
  • Activate secure emergency power supply. The backup power console is behind you upon landing.
  • This activates three force fields on the consoles that you must interact with to open the door. There are no puzzles here, you just have to brutally fight your way through the force field and accept that your shields will be hit. Allow your shields to recharge between console visits as you move around the room.
  • Once you open the door, fight any remaining robots you find in the next room.
  • Use the remaining pillars to climb onto the platform on the right side of the room. Shoot any remaining robots you find there, then turn left and take the bridge on the left side of the room.
  • If you keep going straight you’ll find a few more puzzles and optional containers, but the path to the vault lock is on the right.
  • With a carefully timed sprint jump boost, you’ll reach the platform just above the electric killer liquid on the right. Go upstairs and manage the remaining robots waiting for you there.
  • Activate the console on your left to build some remaining pillars. This will facilitate your escape in a minute.
  • Go to your HUD marker to find the door to the last vault. Activate the console to the right of the door to unlock it.
  • Remove safe lock. There are six other damaging force fields around six consoles that you must activate before you can remove the blockage.
  • After activating some consoles, the remaining robots will start attacking. You won’t face powerful bots or many at once, but the force fields depleting the shields you’re up against will make these encounters a bit more challenging than you’re used to.
  • Once all six consoles are activated, the console in the center of the room will connect.
  • Escape the purification field and exit the vault.. Start retracing your steps to get out of the vault. You have to press on the console you used to unlock the door (it’s on your left as you go through the door) to get the pillars out of the water.
  • Go back to the right and continue tracing your steps. When you jump to the middle platform, turn left. Cross the bridge and then turn right. Follow the rest of the way to the room with the gravity well. Flip the force field directly in front of you, then use the console to close the cleansing field.
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