Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: Finding side missions (and reading email)


There are (seems) endless side quests, tasks and races Mass Effect: Andromeda. People will stop you on the street and ask for your help. Each new area you find will be populated by people who need (or don’t have) something. And talking to people long enough will usually lead to a task or two that you have to do for them.

For the most part, these are all simple tasks that take very little time and work, and are well worth the effort for the XP or AVP they give you. But there are more side quests piling up that you might not have noticed.

In the Pathfinder rooms in Tempest there is a mail terminal on the right. You will receive many emails. Buried between nasty emails from the crew and apparently photos of Drack’s guns, you’ll receive emails requesting side quests. These have a hexagon icon to the left of the title and require you to recognize them. Doing so will add the mission to your queue.

Because you need more and more side quests.

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