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In this miracle avenger Guide we will help you to find all collectibles in “House Call”. This quest takes place in Golden Acres.

Every level and every mission in wonderThe avengers It’s full of things to collect. Our guides focus on comics and information because you really need to find and interact with them. Collecting comics gives you stat bonuses, while combat and intelligence give you lots of stories and background information about the world.

The comics and intelligence outdoors (e.g. at a table) are the same in all games. These are the ones we are going to show you next. In each level you can also find collectibles in chests, as well as equipment and resources. These appear to be random. To make sure you collect all the collectibles, open any chests you see.

we broke ours miracle avenger Follow the steps down the quest chain. You will see them as your goals in the Goals menu. In the Collections menu you can review what you have already collected.

Collection places for home visits

House Call has no collectibles until you play as Tony.

Golden Acres Information 1 of 3 location


Golden Acres Information 1 of 3 location.
Image: Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix via Polygon

Once you’re playing as Tony, go up to the mansion. Once inside, there is a painting right in front of you. This intelligence is right below.

Black Widow Comic Location


Black Widow Comic Location.
Image: Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix via Polygon

In the next room, just after seeing the AIM robots, this comic is right outside the door.

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