Marvel’s Avengers guide: Avengers’ Initiative War Zone mission types


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Inside wonderThe avengers, there are many types of missions to play. Although the game’s campaign consists mostly of linear quests with the occasional side quest, that’s really where it starts Avengers Initiative, miracle avenger‘ Multiplayer mode.

The Avengers Initiative can be confusing at first due to the multitude of mission type names. Each mission in the Avengers Initiative is one war zonebut some warzones last a few minutes while others can last close to an hour.

In this miracle avenger Guide we will explain Warzones in Avengers Initiative.

Avengers Initiative Warzones, mission types and descriptions

You can find the Warzone type under its title. For example, the following quest “Tame a Titan” says “Villain Sector” directly under its name.


The mission type is displayed at the top just below the title.
Image: Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix via Polygon

Here is an alphabetical list into which each Warzone type is divided miracle avengerincluding the time it takes to complete.

  • Secret AIM Lab (??? minutes): According to a Square Enix press release, they will be weekly raids “accessible only after reaching the highest power levels in the game” and “set in a massive, power-affected boss battle of player teams throughout the game.” culminate mission. We will update this guide once AIM Secret Labs is available.
  • relegation zone (5 minutes) – Drop Zone missions are short and usually only contain one room or one objective.
  • fraction (15-30 minutes) – Faction missions are like story missions within the Avengers Initiative. They’re reminiscent of the Legendary missions, but focus more on SHIELD than on a specific hero.
  • HARM training/challenge module (variable time) – The various HARM missions take place on the SHIELD Helicarrier and act as training for a single hero or as wave-based challenges against a variety of enemies.
  • urticaria (20-30 minutes) – Hives are combat challenges that guide your hero through five random floors, fighting new types of enemies and achieving new goals along the way.
  • iconic (15-30 minutes) – Iconic Missions tell a specific story about one of your Avengers, like the Hulk or Thor. These missions have short scenes and different objectives. You get unique hero loot when you complete them for the first time. You don’t have to be the hero of the quest to advance the quest.
  • mega urticaria (20-30 minutes) – Mega Hives are just like regular Hives, but you’ll use your entire roster of heroes. If one of your Avengers dies, you move on to another.
  • sector threat (20 minutes) – Threat Sectors are the core missions of the Avengers Initiative. They usually start on the surface and make their way to a secret base. These are your generic repeatable loot farms.
  • Skip (20 minutes) – You can only unlock SHIELD CHESTS by finding SHIELD Hideouts in the world. When you find a SHIELD cache, you can start this special vault mission that will drop you off in an area and take you to one of the old SHIELD vaults. You have to capture specific areas in a specific order, eliminating the bad guys along the way.
  • villain sector (30-45 minutes) – Evil Sectors is the closest match to the dungeons currently in play. miracle avenger. Here you face off against a legendary villain like Abomination or fight against a huge AIM vehicle. These are longer and more difficult missions.
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