Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle guide: How to win when it gets tough

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You can work your way through the beginning of pretty well Mario Kingdom Battle + Rabbids, but things get complicated quickly and stay that way. We’ll fight until we find out. In this guide we will teach you what we have learned using the first challenge in Mario Kingdom Battle + RabbidsOld gardens: crowded! – to illustrate the battle strategy.

In short, to win you must equip the most useful skills and weapons, plan your attack before your first move, and use what you learn to plan and execute your next moves. We’ll walk you through a single fight in chronological order and show you how to fight your way to victory.

Equip the most useful skills and sub-weapons.

You can’t switch weapons or unlock abilities mid-fight, so you need to do those things before you start the fight. Before entering a fight, press X and enter battle headquarterswhere you choose the most useful skills and the best weapons.

Skill Tree: Choosing the best skills

Through Mario Kingdom Battle + Rabbids, you can reset any character’s skill tree to zero with no penalty. do it often This allows you to adapt your skills to the upcoming battles. In this section we have tips for buying and unlocking skills.

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Mario’s skill tree with first skill level unlocked.
Ubisoft Paris/Ubisoft

Unlock all skills of your team members. as soon as you can. Each character has to unlock a secondary attack and technique, and you can increase the damage done by things like quick attacks. At least start by unlocking the first of three tiers: Movement, Attack, and Technique.

improve the skill who else will help you. Look for things like Mario’s jump off the footLuigi rabbit vampire boardor adding additional destinations to the Rabbid Peach slide with fancy script. Then start empowering them with additional abilities. Rabbid Peach’s skill tree allows you to add more targets to her fancy script. Mario allows you to increase the distance at which you land Jump. Rabbid Luigi can deal great damage quickly with his vampire board.


Ubisoft Paris/Ubisoft

Don’t ignore your secondary weapons. Their sub-weapons are secondary in name only. They deal splash damage, which is good, but they also tend to ignore cover, which is better. For characters other than Mario and Rabbid Mario, secondary weapons also have better range than primary weapons.

Things to think about before your first shift

You can fight your way through many battles Mario Kingdom Battle + Rabbids, treats each round as each for itself, each for itself. As long as all your enemies are dead (even if your last hero dies in the last round), you win. And that’s a perfectly good way to play. However, it won’t work for long.

As battles get tougher (and they will, for example, when trying to complete the challenges that unlock after clearing a world), groping isn’t enough.

Planning is the cure for clumsiness. In this section, we’ll teach you how to plan, which basically means, “Here are some things to think about before you go into battle.”

jThere is no time limit. Don’t rush anything. Sometimes the best move isn’t the most obvious and you won’t notice it unless you stand back and survey the battlefield.

Think of the cover first. All about a fight Mario Kingdom Battle + Rabbids it is designed to be covered. can you cover Can you help a teammate take cover with a team jump? Will Rabbid Luigi be revealed if he takes this camouflage for Mario? When it comes to coverage, there are clear winners. Whole blocks are better than half blocks, and metal blocks are better than bricks.


The most obvious cover isn’t necessarily the best.
Ubisoft Paris/Ubisoft

The best cover isn’t always the most obvious. When a fight begins and as you move during a fight, think about where you are going and, more importantly, where you will be safest. In the old gardens: overflowing! Challenge, for example, the tightest coverage is not the best coverage. The three large metal blocks that are a little further apart give you much better protection.


watch a enemy symbols. A symbol, a skull with a red X behind it, will appear on an enemy that you will definitely kill with your action. Watch out for these. They are a quick visual indicator of the effectiveness of your actions.

Maximize your kills. Find an action or series of actions that generates the most of these symbols. If you can’t kill enemies, try to damage as many as possible.

Cooperation pays off. Try to think of the damage you deal not as damage dealt by each character, but as damage dealt as a team. Find, research or create ways for your heroes to support and help each other. Weaken enemies with one hero and finish them off with another.

do your first lap

It’s not just the cover system, the turn-based nature, or even the rabbit involvement that makes for an overwhelming fight. Between your team’s actions, your enemies’ actions, and following your plan, there’s a lot to manage. It is easy to fall when button mashing, making the shot easier. It’s a surefire way to lose.

But it is (more) difficult to think of a turning point in a broader sense. That’s why we’ve detailed below what we did in the first round of this challenge.

forgot to order. Another easy trap to tap is to follow the (default) order of moving, attacking, and then activating one ability for each character per turn. The game suggests this order over and over again. This simple approach works, but it complicates a (counter-intuitive) fight. Other controls such as B. swiping before firing the weapon are almost always better.


Ubisoft Paris/Ubisoft

Before you commit to your first action, consider all of your options and develop your plan.. In Swarmed! is the obvious first step to using Mario’s secondary hammer attack. Focusing your attack on Rabbid Peach’s closest enemy will allow you to take out four enemy rabbits, but will also damage Rabbid Peach. So the least obvious, but best, is to rule it out first.

Lose no damage. Since we’re going to be moving Rabbid Peach first, let’s make sure she ducks through three enemies for cover on her way (or two in the video above, we’re not perfect). Since we already know which Rabbids Mario will take down with his secondary attack (Hammer), we know which ones not to worry about and which ones to target when moving Rabbid Peach.

Eliminate other rabbits with Mario. With Rabbid Peach out of the way and safely under cover, Mario can deal damage without hurting his teammate. Choose the target that deals the most damage to the most enemies.


Ubisoft Paris/Ubisoft

Now move Mario. Mario can slide into a bunny while he’s moving and then use a team jump to run over another. There are a few things to consider when deciding which ones to target while moving: Mario taking cover and the remaining actions of his teammates. This makes the choice pretty obvious: sneak in and kill Rabbid Luigi’s furthest rabbit (this one is also out of range of Rabbid Peach’s primary weapon). Then use Rabbid Luigi for a team jump. You have three options for the bunnies to stomp, but only one of them will allow you to land for cover.

Clean up with Rabbid Luigi. His slide/vampire attack is enough to finish off the last two remaining bunnies. Finish this trick by moving it to cover it.

the rest of the fight

Our three characters are safe behind the best cover in the game and all of our enemies are gone. More enemies will appear in the next phase of the fight, but the coordination with which we take out the bad bunnies and take cover will put us in a safe place. From here we can dodge attacks and plan our next set of moves.

Start by moving the damage first, but take cover last. There are three rabbits between Rabbid Peach and Mario, and what do you know, Rabbid Peach can hit three enemies with her graceful shot. You won’t kill any of them, but you will weaken them so they die the next time you hit them. At the end of her turn, Rabbid Peach should end up where she started.

Use Rabbid Luigi to get out.wor by them with his slide attack. You can take out two of the weakened rabbits while returning to your cover.


Ubisoft Paris/Ubisoft

Remember what we said about secondary weapon range? The knot of three rabbits across the field is out of range of Rabbid Luigi’s main weapon, but not his secondary weapon. And it deals splash damage. Aim for the middle one to make sure you maximize your damage and shot.

Clean the last rabbit. Now there’s a rabbit left with less than half its health, and you have three actions left to do: Mario’s main attack, Mario’s movement, and Rabbid Peach’s main attack. Make your choice and win the battle.

What did we learn?

The biggest lesson we’ve learned from playing (and repeating and repeating) this challenge is to just slow down. There’s a lot going on in each round of a fight, and it really pays to consider all available options before taking action.

Running around corners and not considering all options is a surefire way to let a fight slip away. As obvious as it sounds, teamwork is actually very important. Find (and create) ways for your team to support and improve each other. Don’t think about the damage each character deals individually. Instead, consider how you can increase it total Amount of damage you inflict on your turn.

Remember, you can fully respec your skill trees at any time, as many times as you like. When you enter your skill tree, you can simply press X to completely wipe any upgrades you have and start over with all your Power Orbs returning to you. Do that. Often. If something doesn’t work for you, start over.

Don’t skimp on your sub-weapons. It’s easy to ignore them because they’re not your weapon of choice and they have a cooldown. But they can damage multiple enemies, ignore cover, and have better range. All these aspects make them indispensable.

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