Mario Golf: Super Rush spin, curve, and shaping shots


Image: Camelot/Nintendo software planning

Mario Golf: Super Rush It gives you a lot of control over your shots, both on the ground and in the air. Spin adds curve to your shots, allowing you to maneuver around and over obstacles.

In this Mario Golf: great course In this guide we explain how spinning works and how to use it.

Rotate and shape strokes

Her turn stat determines the curve you can give your recordings. After adjusting the power of a shot, you can adjust the shot’s rotation by moving the left stick (it’s like a change, but intentional).


Adding spin will curve shots in the air.
Image: Camelot/Nintendo software planning via Polygon

As you increase your lap value, sections are added to your lap tracker. Each of these sections is different and you can change the direction of the shot mid-flight. You can even zigzag the shots.

Spin also gives you control over the vertical trajectory of your shots, but not as much as club selection. Forward arrows indicate a higher shot and backward arrows mean a lower shot.

Spin gets strong fast. There is never a sudden 90° turn, but it can be felt close up. Practice turning and using them subtly at first: there are three turning levels, indicated by arrows on your turn indicator. Make your adjustments slowly at first before attempting hook shots.

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