Mario Golf: Super Rush motion controls guide


Image: Camelot/Nintendo software planning via Polygon

Mario Golf: Super Rush allows you to use motion controls for specific game modes. You don’t have the same precise control as button controls, but if you’re looking for a more physical experience, you have the option.

In this Mario Golf: great course we explain how to choose your motion controls and what game modes they support.

No motion controls in Adventure Golf

You can choose between button controls and motion controls for each game mode. except adventure golf.

All other modes (Standard, Speed, and Battle Golf, as well as Solo Challenges) let you choose any control setting. You choose the type of controls right after choosing the game mode.

Motion controls are simpler

While button controls are all about precisely controlling the carry (steal) and shot of your shots during your golfing adventure, motion controls are much more direct. It’s all about establishing the power of a shot with your (real) swing.

That’s not a bad thing, but it can take some getting used to once you’ve fiddled with the button controls.


Image: Camelot/Nintendo software planning via Polygon

You choose the direction of the shot and the club as usual with the controller. After that, your swing in the real world will determine the power of the shot.

Aiming the Joy-Con (slightly) differently when swinging gives you a little control over the shape of a shot, but not as much as with button controls (and we struggled to get it to work consistently). That means you’ll probably end up taking more and shorter photos than you would with button controls.

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