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Those who wish to participate in the Super Contest show in Pokemon bright diamond Y shiny pearl What should I do? puffin, Goodies that improve your Pokemon’s status. Our bright diamond Y shiny pearl The Puffin Guide explains how to make the perfect puffins for specific conditions and how nature affects your profits.

Where can I get the Poffin case?

Before you can start crafting puffins, you need to grab those Puffin Case of the President of Pokémon fan club. The fan club has a small building city ​​of the heartand he will give you Poffin’s holster once you talk to him.

How do you make puffins?

There are puffin jars in different places. Specifically, there’s one in the Poffin house, just below the pageant arena, and one at the back of Amity Square.

After the selection Berry To shuffle, you must rotate the joystick in the direction shown. If you spin too slow or too fast, the poffin mixture will burn or spill, so get the timing just right.

You get as many puffins as berries you use in the mix. So if you use three berries, you get three puffins. Based on our testing, if you use two or more identical berries in a batch of Poffin, they will become one lazy puffin.

How can I improve certain conditions?

Each poffin has a different flavor depending on which berries you use, and the flavor correlates with that To express It gets better with food. The better your Pokémon’s condition, the better it will perform in the visual portion of each competition.

Flavor and condition correlate as follows:

  • Spicy: freshness
  • Dry: Beauty
  • candy: tenderness
  • Bitter: resourcefulness
  • Sour: Robustness

Based on our testing, Filthy Puffins will get somewhat random stats regardless of which berry you use.

You can check the flavor of a berry by pressing the Y button on the berry selection screen.


Image: Game Freak, ILCA/The Pokémon Company via Polygon

How does nature play in Poffins?

Based on previous games and ours. shiny diamond Pokémon Y Shiny Pearl Pokémon Test we noticed some Pokémon with specific characteristics natures like certain flavors more. The more they like the taste, the more their condition will improve if you feed them that taste. The less they love him, the less his condition will improve.

For example, low nature Pokémon like dry puffins and dislike hot puffins. Use it to keep track of the Pokémon you’re competing in, especially as you level up.

Pokemon Shiny Diamond/Shiny Pearl Poffin settings

Nature love I do not like it
Nature love I do not like it
Calm Bitter Spicy
Careful Bitter Dry
Outrageous Bitter candy
Smooth Bitter Sour
Modest Dry Spicy
Be silent Dry candy
rash Dry Bitter
Benign Dry Sour
Shy no preferences no preferences
Docile no preferences no preferences
Robust no preferences no preferences
eccentric no preferences no preferences
Serious no preferences no preferences
Fat Sour Spicy
mischievous Sour Dry
Relaxed Sour candy
Released Sour Bitter
Categorically Spicy Dry
Brave Spicy candy
mischievous Spicy Bitter
Just Spicy Sour
Shy candy Spicy
Smiling candy Dry
naive candy Bitter
precipitate candy Sour

Is there a limit to the number of Puffins I can give my Pokemon?

Yes, every time you feed a Pokemon a Poffin, it is brightness behaved. When its brightness is at its maximum, you can no longer feed it puffins. There is no way to lower or reset the conditions or the brightness.

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