Make your own DIY bar using old wooden pallets – for as little as £35!

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  • With bars and pubs closing on schedule, now is the perfect time to create your own DIY bar scene and turn our garden into a new outdoor space.

    With the advent of ManoMano in the DIY and home improvement market, we provide step-by-step instructions for elevating wooden pallets to stylish wall panels in your home.

    Best of all, it’s estimated to be just £35 – go for it! It’s a way to keep you busy even if you’re in the garden during lockdown.

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    How To Make Your Own DIY Stage Bar: What You Need

    • 3 wooden pallets
    • hand saw
    • Scatter bar
    • hammer
    • brush grinder
    • drill with a drill
    • Hole saw series
    • stapler
    • different types of sandpaper
    • Steel chain length 1.5m (4mm x 32mm)
    • Rusty Oleum Chalkboard Paint
    • Rust-Oleum . Metallic Copper Spray
    • sun fairy lights
    • 2 carriage bolts
    • thumbscrew
    • hook eye
    • carabiner

    Step 1. Remove the motherboard

    Using the chopper, carefully remove the individual planks from the three wooden pallets.

    ‘Locate the three side brackets to form an L shape and screw them together. Repeat for the other three side racks. They form a perpendicular angle to the back of the rod.

    Step 2. Assemble the rear panel

    “Assemble the back of the bar using the new L-brackets in the corners.” All you have to do is cover the bottom of the bar as it is visible from the inside.

    ‘Access the five boards to remove the cracks and screw them into the corner brackets. Add a plank on top to ensure structural integrity and add center support. Leave some room where you can add lights later.

    Step 3. Drill holes to mark BOARD

    ‘Flip the back of the bar and place 5 planks on top of the bar. Put the boards together.

    “Mark the letters BAR on the top of the front with cardboard or a binder.” “Using a drill bit slightly larger than the fairy bulb, carefully drill holes in the cardboard and wood on the front of the stem.”

    Step 4. Create different pages

    “Measure the distance from the bottom of the pole to the top of the plank, and cut the side supports to accommodate this measurement.” They act as supports for the drop bar.

    ‘Place the planks together and add side supports by placing them from the ends of the planks. This ensures that the drop panel will fit into the brackets on the railing.

    Step 5. Create the top of the drop-down bar

    First, “cut the corner from the bottom of the gusset in front of the pole”. It acts as a leverage mechanism.

    ‘Place the hanger in front of the rod and drill through the corner brackets and hanger from the side. Insert shipping pins into holes to use as hinges. Repeat on both sides.

    Step 6. Drilling holes to supply glass

    ‘Use a tank cutter to cut holes in the back of the descending top deck. The holes should be the size of a wine glass, bottle or wine glass so they fit in the holes when the pot is ready.

    After closing the drop-down menu, you will notice an empty space below it. Attach an extra support pad to correct this. When it opens, this creates a “price” behind the dropdown.

    Step 7. Drawing the Stage

    Remember to sand all the dots before painting. “Paint the backplate and drop-down menu holes with copper spray paint.”

    Paint the top, front and sides using chalkboard paint (brush or spray). This allows you to use chalk to add “birthday”, “cocktail” or whatever phrase you want to the top of the BAR brand.

    Step 8. Add lights, chain and BAR.

    Added finale. Once the chain holder is fully attached to the inside edge, use eye hooks and carabiner. ‘Add another eye hook and carabiner to the front of the drop and attach the chain. You can close the pole by adding two loops on each side and closing with two carabiner.

    “Working from the back, push the light through the pre-drilled hole. Finish the BAR lettering with metallic paint, using the fairy light hole as a guide.

    Based on do-it-yourself skills, this project should take no more than five hours to complete.

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    When we can throw garden parties again, your garden will be ready to be served in style with this DIY homemade bar.

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