Luigi’s Mansion 3 guide: 1F gem locations


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Luigi’s Villa 3‘s 1F: The Grand Lobby level contains six hidden diamond-shaped gems. In this guide we’ll show you their locations on the map and how to find them all.

1F Grand Lobby and 2F Mezzanine are interconnected. Basically everything below the case is 1F and everything above it is 2F. If you are looking for a gem that you don’t see here, this is part of 2F. (Also, 1F gems have a (classic) diamond shape, while 2F gems have an oval shape.)

On each floor, the gems appear in the same order from left to right in the menu: clear, Red, blue, green, violetand finally yellow. We will follow the same order below.



Use your darklight to materialize the invisible sofa
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Go to the far left of the lobby and shine Dark light below the top left window. will make one sofa and a Spirit Appear. Defeat the Ghost and claim the 1F Clear Gem.



On the table below the painting, use your plunger to reveal the Red Gem 1F
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A painting hangs on the wall to the left of the elevator. On the desk under the painting, pull your butt and shoot like a ghost. The paint will chip and you will get a gem.


It’s the gem on the desk to the left of the hallway. Get it in a few steps.

  1. Go up the stairs and follow the path to the left until you stop at the end of the carpet.
  2. Vacuum the end of the rug to reveal a grid on the floor.
  3. Become Gooigi and sneak through the network.
  4. Go into the hallway to get the gem.
  5. Become Luigi again and go to the office to get the 1F Blue Gem.



Use your plunger to break the vase and get the Green Gem.
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The Green Gem 1F is to the right of the elevator in the first floor hallway, entangled in a plant. Pull the plunger out of the vase and flatten it to release the gemstone.



Use your flash on the safe on the right and it will reveal the 1F purple gem
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Use your flash (hold R) on the safe behind the counter between the stairs and you’ll get a purple gem. (If you can’t stay behind the counter, just keep playing. It will be available for Luigi’s Villa 3the first missions.)



Stand on the plates and suck on the chandelier.
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  1. From the split ladder, head to the center area and destroy the panel on the easel to access a printing plate. Stand up.
  2. Become Gooigi and go to the opposite side of the room to find one second pressure plate. Stand up.
  3. As Gooigi, then as Luigi, aim your Poltergusts at the chandelier that falls from the ceiling.
  4. Collect the flying coins and yellow gem 1F.
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