Lost Ark guide: Ghost Ship raid locations


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Inside lost ark, ghost ships These are special raids that you can find while sailing your ship around the world. There are three ghost ships with different power levels. Our lost ark The Ghost Ship Guide shows the locations of the Nightmare Ghost Ship, Shadow Ghost Ship, and Tempest Ghost Ship, the item levels required, and explains how they work.

What is a ghost ship?

Ghost ships are a lost ark Weekly end-of-game raid that you can scavenge for materials to upgrade your gear such as: B. Destruction and Watchstone Crystals. They are on the west side of the map but are only accessible at certain times of the day.

Where are the ghost ships in Lost Ark?

If you open your map while browsing, you will see three ships lined up almost vertically on the west side of the map. This is where you will find the ghost ships lost ark.


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What are the requirements to operate ghost ships?

You can technically see ghost ships once they are unlocked Procyon’s compassWhat happens when you unlock navigation?

All three ships have item level requirements that you must meet before you can actually damage them. They are the following:

  • Nightmare Ghost Ship: 460
  • Shadow Spirit Ship: 960
  • Ghost Ship Tempest: 1370

When will ghost ships be available?

The three ghost ships follow a schedule and you can only do them when they appear. You can check the schedules by clicking the button compass icon to open under the minimap Procyon’s compass. There’s a Ghost Ships tab that lets you check their spawn times and even set timers to notify you when they arrive.

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