Lost Ark guide: Dalian Orchard secret area location


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When you have completed the story in lost arkYou may come across a quest item which, when used, will trigger the quest.The Mystery of Dalian Orchard.” The quest doesn’t actually tell you where to go, except for the Blooming Orchard in East Luterra. Our lost ark Dalian Orchard Secret Guide shows where to complete this quest.

Where to find the secret area of ​​Dalian Orchard

You have to go northeast of it Posada Sien Triport Inside blooming orchard. From there you will find a small room with a shed that you can enter. We have marked the area below.


Graphics: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image Credit: Smilegate/Amazon Game Studios

Once you enter the orange marked area by the hangar door, you can go inside and talk to the NPC to complete the quest. You can claim the reward by tapping the button above your quest list on the right.

This mission is completely optional, so you can skip it and focus on the main story if you wish.

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