Los Nombres de Perros más Populares del 2021

The most popular male and female numbers

The 5 numbers of the most common bitch

moon has retained its number one spot from last year as the most popular female dog name of 2021, followed by Kira, Nala, Lola, over there Beautiful. Last year, Bimba fifth, but has been dropped from the top ten list this year. New to our top ten list, we think Bella, Linda, Gala, Nina over there read.

The five most common male numbers

The number one most popular male dog number in 2021 is coconutfollowed by Thor, Max, Leo over there Rocky. Last year, coconut took that first place but was eliminated by a shorter version, coconut. Are new to the top 10 list Otto over there Luckwill that mean Zeus over there Luke they were left out.

Dog numbers inspired by post-pandemic joy

In 2020, the global pandemic changed the world, affecting all aspects of life including numbers and people. In this year, as Spain emerges from various COVID-19 lockdowns, those shared feelings of hope may be reflected in trend-setting canine numbers such as: Expect (209%) year Luck (119%).

Telecommuting and technology inspire numbers like Sir Echo over there Apple, which have an upward trend in this year 2021 while wireless over there Google walk.

Foodies rejoice: food-inspired numbers are on the rise

There’s no doubt that there’s a connection between the foods we love the most and the pets we love (at least that’s what the numbers in numbers tell us). Last year we saw a lot of feel-good food-inspired numbers, which makes sense given the great uncertainty and anxiety many of us are feeling in 2020. Food-inspired numbers are still trending this year, but in a different way.

Pet owners are looking for healthier options

During the pandemic, we spend a lot of time indoors, so we end up eating a lot between meals and resorting to home cooking. Because things are taking a healthier turn in 2021, at least as far as canine numbers are concerned. The number of meals tacos Oh croquette walk and dog owners are now being inspired by healthier or, we can even say, “fruitier” options: cherry (676%), mango (426%) and kiwi (48%) are in fashion this year 2021.

Sweet numbers for our cute pets

But don’t be fooled, there will always be a bunch of sweet treats for our cute furry companions. Some of the most important numbers for dogs this year tell us that Spain had a sweet tooth in 2021 as they are trending numbers such as: sugar (126%), chocolate (126%), ventilation (59%) year Eleven (23%). Milka is another food-inspired number to climb last year’s respectable list.

After all, given the increasing passion among Spaniards for Japanese food, it is not surprising that so many mochi Come sushi have climbed positions in this year’s palmares.

Pet Numbers and Inspired People Numbers

On the other hand, where it is difficult to determine the number of a pet is the infinity of options that can be chosen. Dog owners could name them after pretty much anything, but one trend we’re seeing in 2021 is naming our furry friends after common human numbers.

For bitches, the main Spanish numbers are inspired by the numbers of the human son:

For male dogs, the most inspired numbers in the human number in Spain are the year:

Dog numbers inspired by nature and space

Because he’s inhabiting a return to nature in 2021, which makes sense given the time he spent indoors last year. surname ivy is one of the most popular dog numbers in 2021. This year other trending numbers are related to nature Lily, Skye, Snow, Thunder over there stormy.

Pet owners have found inspiration in the animal kingdom.

Especially adorable is meeting a dog that has the number of another animal species, this has become a trend in 2021. As an example, many black and white dogs are said to say goodbye this year because panda (526%) is an uptrend. kitten over there pulse also go upstairs while tiger, wolf over there Cracked walk.

Was the whole world looking into space in 2021?

Billionaire Jeff Bezzos’ first manned flight from his rocket made 2021 a big year for all things space, including dog numbers!

moon is the second most popular number of people in the country this year and Venus (1026%) is one of the trendiest numbers around.

Other space inspired dog numbers in Spain are Laika, Sky, Apollo, Astro over there Orion. Not how, new star over there cosmos its downward trend.

Pet owners get inspiration from Disney characters

The pandemic has left many of us addicted to the couch, spending countless hours consuming TV series and movies. And while our communities will have homes in 2021, television and film will be powerful sources of inspiration for canine acts this year.

Disney movies have inspired thousands of Dog releases this year, both new and classic. The dog number 1 in Spain this year is coconutsee you later inspired by the movie about the mexican holiday of the day of the dead.

The Lion King from Disney is also reflected in the popular dog numbers well fourth place in Spain this year. Other Lion King-inspired numbers appearing on his record simba in 11th place, as well pumbaa.

Our question was whether the kids were watching classic Disney movies while convincing their parents to adopt a dog, because several classic Disney-inspired numbers were trending this year mulane (+476%) year lilo (+54%).

Some other wise dog with an awesome beard must have been adopted this year, or is that what a lot of people saw Disney’s Merlin the WizardPig Merlin it was present in 376%.

And although this number is usually more popular with cats, Baghira, for The Jungle Book From Disney you have a 976% uptrend in dogs in 2021.

The many influences of Star Wars and Marvel

No need to visit a galaxy far, far away to see why war of stars is always a great source for animal numbers.

In 2021 we have seen dog numbers as Yoda, Chewables, Anakin, Chewbacca over there Han Solo break into the charts, but this year only the numbers of the protagonists are trending: lightning below 96% compared to 2020 and read over there Luke also gained popularity in 2021.

the universe wonder continues to expand, from epic movies to binge-worthy TV series, and Marvel-inspired dog shows are as hot as their productions. If you say “Thor!” fear not at the dog park, it’s not a flying hammer; hello what happened Thor It has firmly established itself as the fifth most popular dog number in Spain in 2021.

Dog numbers inspired by popular TV series

When we spend countless hours watching our favorite TV series, we can’t help but feel our influence from the numbers of these characters.

paper house, which has remained one of the most important Netflix series in Spain this year, has again been reflected in the numbers of the dogs: Tokyo river over there Denver are up more than 100% in 2021.

Bridgeton, the somewhat risqué Netflix success of late 2020, was the number series in Spain in 2021. Has this series inspired some dog numbers? Why yes: so much Madam Come Simon Han increased his popularity that year.

There is only the series game of Thrones A few years ago the numbers ended Arya, Sansa, Starks, over there snow be on the list.

Numbers inspired by cartoons and animation are still in fashion

Pet owners are also influenced by the cartoons their children watch on TV. numbers like beth, out of sponge bob (176%) and Jacob, out of adventure time (276%) have become fashionable as dog numbers. Other cartoon numbers appearing in the most popular list this year are Tom, Scooby, Kitten over there betty.

Dogs with serial numbers patrol paw Come Skye, Chase, Rockyover there Zuma in Spain increased in 2021.

But animation isn’t just for the little ones, so we see inspiration from canine numbers too The simpsons over there Studio Ghibli from Japan.

After more than 20 seasons The simpsons is still a very popular series in Spain: maggie it is in the top 100 issues (#28). Other characters like Lisa Barney Oh lenny also appear on the list.

Studio GhibliThe Japanese animation studio is known for feature films such as totoro Oh spirited away, is a source of inspiration for many people in Spain. The most popular numbers inspired by this recording studio Hakus, Totoro over there Can.

The deportees are a ubiquitous element in the characters of the dogs

Sports icons continue to inspire the numbers of our furry companions in 2021.

Bone Angel Lakers 2020 to move up to the NBA camp, following the logic that the number James It will gain popularity in 2021.

After the tragic death of Kobe BryantSome basketball fans named their pets after the late legend.

Spanish NBA player Ricky Rubio’s good seasons and playing style may be the reason why some owners have decided to give their dog a name ricky.

Even if not everything is victories: rumors about the final exit messi FC Barcelona have made these figures less fashionable this year.

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