Los mejores nombres para perras del 2021, de los más imponentes a los más dulces y originales

You are seeing: Los mejores nombres para perras del 2021, de los más imponentes a los más dulces y originales. This post was compiled by en.intelnuc.

  1. moon
  2. Kira
  3. well
  4. Lola
  5. Beautiful
  6. kiara
  7. Beautiful
  8. little girl
  9. read
  10. Gala
  11. coconut
  12. arya
  13. granny
  14. Lay
  15. India
  16. greta
  17. chloe
  18. zoe
  19. kora
  20. Freya
  21. laura
  22. maggie
  23. lulu
  24. samba
  25. blue
  26. Venus
  27. Lucy
  28. good looking
  29. wendy
  30. Milka
  31. oliver
  32. abbey
  33. Shiva
  34. Soul
  35. girl
  36. Cleo
  37. simba
  38. audrey
  39. lily
  40. Will have
  41. kitten
  42. lilo
  43. cracker
  44. minnie
  45. candy
  46. Dakota
  47. Heaven
  48. Dark
  49. Gaia
  50. Phoebe
  51. Roxy
  52. fiona
  53. iris
  54. betty
  55. daisy
  56. Eleven
  57. channel
  58. Expect
  59. ivy
  60. Lisa
  61. queen
  62. Bright
  63. sansa
  64. ayla
  65. diva
  66. Madam
  67. Kimba
  68. dynes
  69. Aika
  70. Baghira
  71. ruby
  72. paquita
  73. Wanda
  74. Kai
  75. aisha
  76. tessa
  77. And a
  78. dora
  79. treasure
  80. amy
  81. sora
  82. gucci
  83. Yuka
  84. Suzanne
  85. Ava
  86. brandy
  87. Tokyo
  88. Elsa
  89. cherry
  90. lady
  91. Paris
  92. Mathilde
  93. prada
  94. June
  95. bertha
  96. mulane
  97. valentines day
  98. penny
  99. infant
  100. Ginger

A Merle Sheltie in need of a unique dog name looks at the camera

The most original numbers for bitches

These are the least common dog numbers from Rover’s Dog Numbers database, with at least 10 bitches having been butised.

  1. Shiva
  2. Will have
  3. Dakota
  4. Dark
  5. Gaia
  6. iris
  7. sansa
  8. ayla
  9. Aika
  10. Kai

Impressive number of bitches

If a number with a little more characters is shown, this is an option to help you choose the main algorithm.

  1. arya
  2. Freya
  3. simba
  4. Dark
  5. Gaia
  6. queen
  7. ayla
  8. Madam
  9. Kimba
  10. Aika
  11. Baghira
  12. And a
  13. sora
  14. mulane
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A dog lies down on the grass.  Which dog name will you choose?

Toponyms and Numbers of Nature for Dogs

If you love Paris, why not name your dog after the City of Lights? Many dog ​​owners support the idea. In fact, it is becoming increasingly popular to baptize a dog with a place name, as is a number of plants, gems, or disparate geographies, all derived from nature. It’s 10 numbers that top the list of this year’s 100 most popular numbers (from our English database).

  1. Paris
  2. madison
  3. Chelsea
  4. jade
  5. opal
  6. ruby
  7. pasture
  8. Dakota
  9. new star
  10. Sydney

Why do so many bitch numbers end in “y”?

We’ve found that many numbers for popular Perra have two syllables and end in the cheerful “iii”, whether written with Greek y, Latin i or “ie”: Maggie, Lucy and Wendy are a few examples. These are numbers that are easy to pronounce and that carry a warmth and friendliness that we associate with our dogs.

If you opt for options like Kiki or Lexie, this personalized polka dot collar is an accessory that will perfectly match your dog’s new number.

Other nice similar ones for bitches ending numbers in -yo fils:

  1. Lucy
  2. daisy
  3. saddie
  4. outer wall
  5. girl
  6. maggie
  7. penny
  8. zoe
  9. lily
  10. Sofia
  11. pink
  12. Elijah
  13. ruby
  14. Roxy
  15. Fun
  16. Milli
  17. Harley
  18. abbey
  19. tiny
  20. Riley
  21. lily
  22. Key
  23. izzy
  24. Madam
  25. charlie

Inspirational video to choose a number for a dog

Find out how dog owners choose the number of pets they have in this cute video.

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Pick the right number for a bitch

Do you still have doubts about which number to choose for your dog? You are not the only one. Some dog owners get the name when they first see their dog, but many other owners take time to try different options.

If you want to decide, remember that a number can come from infinite sources of inspiration, e.g. B. how you like your favorite, books, celebrations, legacies or even the history of the dog breed. For example, an English bulldog puppy would do well in a French-inspired number like Chloe, while a Latin breed like the Chihuahua would do better in a number like Coco.

Another consideration to keep in mind when choosing a name for your dog? The workout. This is especially important for puppies. If you’re teaching your new puppy to respond to commands like “sit,” “stay,” or “come,” you’ll want to make sure the name you give them doesn’t cause confusion. In other words, avoid numbers following any of the commands, like “Benny”, which can easily be confused with “Fr”.

Many dog ​​experts recommend choosing a name with at least two syllables and a happy or vowel sound at the end.

Of course, the most important thing is that you can easily pronounce the name you have chosen. You must choose a number that is not difficult for you because you will repeat it often. Your dog’s number should bring joy!

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We love the “door test” for choosing a dog name. It basically consists of standing at the back door of your home and calling your potential dog’s number. For example, say “Rose, it’s time for dinner!” or “Sally, now!” » allows you to know the number of your imagination and apply it to a real situation.

And once you have the perfect name for your girl, show it off with a personalized necklace.

in summary

As inveterate dog lovers, at Rover we will help you find numbers for dogs you love and thanks to our database you will discover the most interesting trends, unique options and classic numbers with a unique hat. Over the years we have compiled countless figures for you to rate. In addition, we update the lists every year with new data.

First, take a look at the list of the most popular numbers of 2021, then move on to the unique numbers for dogs to see the contrast. And that is just the beginning. We have sober items, Irish numbers, male dog numbers, popular hound numbers, small dog numbers, white dog numbers, husky numbers, German shepherd numbers and many more.

How to choose? First, take a look at our guide to choosing the perfect name for a dog.

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