Los 100 nombres para perros machos más populares del 2021

Choosing a number for a macho man can be a difficult choice. Whether you’re looking for a masculine name or something that sounds more imposing or really original, it should be perfect. Choose the Biggest Number for a Dog Like choosing the perfect dog sitter, it’s a fun and important task that every dog ​​owner should do. Luckily, we’ve rounded up some interesting options to help you in your search.

From Jack to Otto, from Milo to Neo, from Kai to Rockie, and through every letter of the alphabet, at Rover.com we have the most complete list of the most popular numbers for male dogs, thanks to the fact that they’ve worked with the largest database of dog numbers. If you’re a dog owner, look how dirty your number on the list is!

The 100 numbers of the most popular men

These are the most popular male numbers for 2021 from the Rover database.

    1. coconut
    2. Thor
    3. Max.
    4. Lion
    5. Rocky
    6. Tobi
    7. simba
    8. Bruno
    9. Otto
    10. Luck
    11. James
    12. Loki
    13. Milo
    14. Tyson
    15. Neo
    16. Bruce
    17. groom
    18. I sat
    19. Gus
    20. Kai
    21. dante
    22. Romeo
    23. charlie
    24. rocco
    25. balt
    26. Pluto
    27. Thomas
    28. duke
    29. blue
    30. ventilation
    31. Chicko
    32. elvis
    33. Hugo
    34. Luke
    35. be to
    36. t rex
    37. Older brother
    38. police officer
    39. Kiko
    40. dylan
    41. Luke
    42. baloo
    43. Wooded
    44. Chester
    45. kenzo
    46. Eleven
    47. Scooby
    48. teddy bear
    49. lennon
    50. oliver
    51. kobe
    52. place
    53. marley
    54. Miguel
    55. wolf
    56. Caspar
    57. Flow
    58. titus
    59. logan
    60. rambo
    61. Bright
    62. cody
    63. roll
    64. bowie
    65. Poles
    66. tacos
    67. Robin
    68. lightning
    69. Luck
    70. James
    71. whiskey
    72. Close with key
    73. mickey
    74. kiwi
    75. Harry
    76. Axel
    77. Jordan
    78. pumbaa
    79. Joey
    80. Top
    81. matthew
    82. Dumb
    83. Sancho
    84. Klaus
    85. poncho
    86. Luke
    87. Simon
    88. yoda
    89. Lion
    90. Rocko
    91. Haakku
    92. Merlin
    93. Scott
    94. brandy
    95. charlie
    96. Heaven
    97. andy
    98. king
    99. Denver
    100. to hate

Inspirational video on choosing a number for a dog

Find out how dog owners choose the number of pets they have in this cute video.

The coolest numbers for males

This year the following numbers are in fashion: They are over 50% and at least 50 dogs have been baptized for each number.

    1. Milo
    2. Tyson
    3. Neo
    4. Thor
    5. Max.
    6. Lion
    7. Rocky
    8. simba
    9. Bruno
    10. Otto

15 numbers for impressive males

These numbers radiate strength and power. They go well with strong and characterful dog breeds.

  1. Lion
  2. Rocky
  3. dante
  4. Romeo
  5. rocco
  6. balt
  7. t rex
  8. dylan
  9. kobe
  10. wolf
  11. Close with key
  12. Dumb
  13. Klaus
  14. Lion
  15. Rocko

Numbers for males inspired by the most popular food

Each time to choose more food and drink to baptize the dogs. Take a look at the six most popular numbers for male dogs, food-inspired and chosen by real dog owners.

  1. ventilation
  2. Eleven
  3. tacos
  4. whiskey
  5. kiwi
  6. brandy

It is best to take a dog with a number of meals, which can make customizable collars with stamps according to a number.

Numbers for males inspired by the numbers of the most popular gentlemen

With the trend of naming dogs by personal numbers, we also see in our database that many old or vintage numbers are used.

These sir numbers for dogs are as charming as they are sophisticated. They’re particularly popular with breeds like the English Bulldog and Schnauzer, although they’re a great choice for any dog.

  1. Otto
  2. dante
  3. Romeo
  4. duke
  5. elvis
  6. Hugo
  7. Luke
  8. oliver
  9. marley
  10. James
  11. matthew
  12. Sancho
  13. andy

The 10 sexist numbers inspired by the most popular mythology

Gods and myths have inspired many dog ​​owners this year. Numbers are ranked by popularity (based on pure English number data).

  1. Zeus
  2. Loki
  3. Apollo
  4. Thor
  5. Odin
  6. titanium
  7. Hercules
  8. ares
  9. Achilles
  10. ajax

The 10 most popular numbers for male dogs, inspired by nature

These numbers are particularly popular with Huskies, Pointers, Retrievers and Hounds (from the New English Numbers Database).

  1. The shade
  2. aspen
  3. Smoked
  4. Flow
  5. Storm
  6. frame
  7. thunder
  8. snow
  9. Red lingonberry
  10. midnight

Number trends in males

We’ve seen some interesting trends, like the rise of monosyllabic numbers like Max, Leo, and Thor. In fact, Thor is up almost 50% in the rankings this year!

Of course, the classic numbers stay on the podium: from the friendly Max or Toby to the imposing Rocky and Otto, everyone stayed on the podium. top ten.

Number of people for dogs

Dogs are considered family members, so number of people They have become very popular for pets. In fact, Meet is more likely to have a multi-character golden retriever like Oliver than a line of lifelong dogs like Simba. You can see it in the Denumer list of the most popular male dogs: half of the top ten are personal numbers.

Your new dog could be named Eddie, Theo or Max – or Kobe, Ozzy. oBosco. From personal numbers like Taz or Otis to Irish numbers like Murphy and Logan, there is no limit to baptizing a person with a traditional personal number.

That humor This is another popular source of dog name inspiration: both Sir Barkley and Muttley Crue have their dog numbers in our English database.

A Great Dane licking Chico? An American bulldog named Sparky? A little dog named Rocket? Why not?

finally tired dog scratches it is therefore a decisive factor in dialing numbers. Huskies look good in Alaskan-inspired numbers like Juneau, while hounds look good in rural numbers like Dallas or Tucker. Retrievers love the water, so an aquatic number might suit your new Labrador or Golden. Ours like Rio and Capitan.

choose a name

Dog numbers can be inspired by anything from food to pop culture to nature.

More important is that YOU like the nom. Every time he says it, you should feel a spark of happiness. “Is my dog!”

The test has to decide on your favorite numbers, e.g. B. whether the dog comes into the house, comes back to you at the dog park or listens to you at the dog daycare.

Once you’ve found the perfect name for your dog, don’t forget to put a dog tag on the collar in case anything happens to him (we love these customizable Etsy unicorn tags and these presentation tags).

More numbers for dogs

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