Lidl bedding set promises to put an end to sleepless summer nights

Getting a good night’s sleep is nearly impossible when the heatwave is intense. Could Lidl’s new smart bed change all that? The discount supermarket has just launched its ‘Sleep Guard’ range starting at just £6.99 to help beat the heat.

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Temperatures will rise to 34 degrees this week, making it difficult to stay cool. The muggy heat all day only makes muggy nights more uncomfortable. Lidl’s revolutionary new bedding features integrated cooling technology for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

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The innovative blankets (from £9.99) and pillows (£6.99) in stores this weekend are designed to regulate body temperature. Air conditioning performance thanks to lightweight, eco-friendly Cyclafill fibers and moisture-wicking Feran Ice fabric.

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The cooling pad helps keep the head perfectly warm.

In stores next weekend: Meradiso Microfiber Feran Ice and Cyclafill Pillow, £6.99 or £12 for 2, Lidl (opens in new tab)

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The actual cooling blanket is available in size 3.7 in all standard sizes: single (€9.99), double (€12.99) and extra large (€14.99).

In stores next weekend: Meradiso Microfibre Feran Ice and Cyclafill Blanket, from £9.99, Lidl (opens in new tab)

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Enjoy Lidl’s 16″ Premium Walking Fan – In Stock This Week!

Thanks to advanced 3D motion vibration, the fan distributes cool air evenly throughout the room. A tall stand would be a welcome addition to any bedroom that gets hot at night. The fan also has a sleep mode to ensure you get a good night’s sleep – you don’t want white noise to keep you awake and not hot!

In store tomorrow: Silvercrest 16″ Walking Fan, £39.99, Lidl

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Now is the perfect time to head to Lidl and grab a sleep protection pack for under £60. Pedestal 16″ fans will be back in stores starting tomorrow 26.7 and Saturday 28 July.

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