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What is?

It is the second generation of the Lexus NX mid-size family SUV. It is the Japanese luxury car manufacturer’s best-selling model in all of Europe, so getting a good replacement model is important. However, it ticks all the boxes at first glance: the styling has been refined and the ugly old infotainment system has been spruced up. Everything else is as expected, a “smooth evolution,” as Lexus puts it.

So what has evolved well in the new NX?

Well, the hybrid option remains, but there’s now a fancy plug-in version of the car – a first from Lexus – that’ll get you up to 45 miles on a charge, though Lexus says it’ll go up to around 55 miles if you stick around. Towards the town. All very smooth. And it provides huge tax savings and huge real-world fuel savings for people who mostly stick around a home charger.

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The new NX is 20mm longer (with an additional 30mm wheelbase to benefit passenger space) and the car is 20mm wider. More relevant is what it means compared to its rivals. In fact, it is between the steps of the Germans: bigger than a GLA, X1 or Q3, smaller than a GLC, X3 or Q5.

The full-width light bar at the rear of the car is set to be a new Lexus signature styling touch, and its old signature styling touch, the bait-DRL at the front of the car, has been carefully integrated into headlights, which are better LED.

How is the NX inside?

The Lexus’s interior is decently luxurious, albeit spec-conscious. Red upholstery we would not like ourselves, but each in its own way. There’s a giant screen available, of course, but the display frame on the dash is the same whether you have the 14-inch or 9.8-inch screen installed in your car. The bigger the better in this case. And no one will miss the ugly old touchpad-controlled infotainment of the old NX.

The NX’s real party piece, however, is the new electronic door-opening system: the handle has essentially been replaced with an electronic latch that opens the door if you push it in the right place.

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So far it doesn’t matter, the smart thing is that Lexus has integrated this opening system with its blind spot warning setup and the car will prevent you from opening the door if there’s a cyclist, pedestrian, large bus or missile. to fill the space towards which your door is directed. Every car needs a party piece that it can show off to its passengers, right? Especially now that the Highway Code makes the Dutch Reach door opening technique compulsory.

How is it mounted?

The NX’s suspension does a solid job of being a reasonable middle-of-the-road ride (but not literally, the lane-keep assist will take care of that), which isn’t such a bad thing. It is advertised as a luxury ride, not a sports one. It’s actually a very comfortable car, which goes well with the low emission powertrain. This drivetrain, as we’ll see, rewards a smooth ride. If you are brisk on the throttle when the engine is running, the noise is ominous.

What’s the verdict?

Lexus Introduces Hybrid Alternative to Standard Premium Cross-Fare

This NX is a solid cash cow for Lexus, so it will be more of the same with an all-new version. Hence the smooth evolution. And it’s a hit, too: The car offers a mild alternative to the usual fare and helps Lexus stop the company’s car sales from bleeding to other automakers offering larger battery add-ons. Full hybrid or PHEV driving saves fuel and taxes, but it still sounds strange. And the NX is still an SUV, so forgive us if we’re not too excited.

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