Lego Dimensions’ guide to spending money

lego dimensions is a wonderful game, a solid entry into a fast-growing genre. But the best part is that it’s a game that combines some of the world’s most popular sci-fi traits.

Inside lego dimensionsDoctor Who, Scooby-Doo, the Ghostbusters and the Wicked Witch mingle with a variety of other characters and locations in a wacky interdimensional adventure.

But not all of these brands are free.

Firstly, because the game works with lego bricks and minifigures, only the starter pack which includes Gandalf, Wyldstyle and Batman minifigures; the game; a Lego portal; and a Lego Batmobile – costs $100.

While this brings in a ton of content, it also opens the door to waves, literally waves, of wallet-breaking add-ons. Expansion packs are divided into three types and will hit stores in waves stretching as early as 2016.

Fun packs contain one figure and one vehicle or gadget. If this is your first minifigure for a dimension such as B. the Wicked Witch, this character will also unlock the dimension for exploration.

Loadout Packs contain a pair of minifigures and a vehicle or gadget. As with the fun packs, these minifigures can be used to unlock a dimension.

Level packs contain a minifigure, vehicle and gadget. This also includes a mission-based game level. These also give you that extra mission-oriented level to play and unlock the dimension for open-world play.

Luckily, we decided to save you the need to think carefully about how much money you want to spend on which Level Packs, Gear Packs, and Fun Packs.

With the help of this handy spending guide, you can click through to find the “right” amount of money to spend. Fingers crossed you don’t end up snagging the full game for nearly $500.

Oh, and that’s just for the first wave of toys. The waves that have not yet been released will only increase your expenses.

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