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What is?

One of the fastest SUVs in the world. The Lamborghini Urus is what happens when the maker of the most extravagant supercars on the planet turns into a big five-door family car with the right ground clearance and off-road capability. On paper it’s a conflict of goals, actually it’s a delightful prospect.

Can Lamborghini inject true supercar DNA into a 2.2-ton SUV that shares its underpinnings with the Audi Q7, Bentley Bentayga and Porsche Cayenne? Can that justify the £172,000 price tag when you can have an SQ7 for less than half? And can anyone tell us why he put the tailgate handle where he did?

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Long to come, right?

It took six years for the 2012 Urus concept to become the production car here, but Lamborghini is a small company, remember that, selling just 3,500 cars a year before the Urus. Since the car’s launch in 2018, that number has risen to 8,405 in 2021, of which over 5,000 were represented by Urus. Impressive growth, that.

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Lambo threw it good then…

Getting this car right catapulted Lamborghini into a different orbit, with more cash to build more of the physical supercars we know and love. That is why there was a tangible feeling, at the launch event in Rome, that this car is very important to all employees. Failure is not an option.

Cool, but it’s still an SUV, right?

The Urus arrives riding the wave of an explosion in the SUV segment. Bentley has taken off-road luxury to a new level, the £300,000 Rolls-Royce Cullinan exists, Jeep is busy pushing Hellcat engines to the Grand Cherokee and even Ferrari has the Purosangue on the way. Aston Martin also threw his DBX into the ring. However, the Urus is the sole pioneer of the Super SUV genre, and an even faster model is rumored to be in development in the very near future. Hopefully it can live up to the billing.

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What’s the verdict?

On paper it’s a conflict of goals, actually it’s a delightful prospect. Can Lamborghini inject true supercar DNA into a 2.2-tonne SUV?

It’s complicated, because there is a big difference between love and admiration. We can admire what Lamborghini has achieved with the Urus. He managed to turn the physics into a bloody mush by applying the latest technology and mix it all up to masterful effect. The way it tears up a race track has to be experienced to be believed. It’s not funny or subtle, but brutally effective in a way your eyes tell you it shouldn’t be. And then there’s the interior space and the fact that it does boring everyday things with ease.

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However, finding that definitive connection to the car is difficult. It’s a laudable technical achievement, but it’s what this car stands for, rather than what it is, that excites us at Top Gear. Over 5,000 units were produced at Lamborghini’s recently expanded factory, which in Lambo terms means business is booming. Turnover peaked at €1.8 in 2019, the year before Covid hit the industry. If this yearning for cars continues, it will fund an even more outrageous new generation of supercars, hypercars, and later in the future, electrified Lamborghinis that will keep us hyped into our old age, while also captivating a new generation of supercar fans.

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