Kirby and the Forgotten Land beginner’s guide, tips, and tricks

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Image: HAL/Nintendo Lab via Polygon

kirby and the forgotten land is more than just a fun and loveable 3D platform game. It’s also a game with lots of collectibles and hidden goals. There are Waddle Dees to find, villains to defeat, and a vast post-apocalyptic world to explore. Our Kirby and the forgotten land The Beginner’s Guide explains how to get started in the new Kirby game and what to look out for.

examine everything

There are so many hidden quests and waddle dees on every map, and most of them are hidden behind things that look intentionally out of place. Does that red flower look weird? Check it out. Is there a suspicious fish in the water? Just make sure you stop by. Does the path seem to separate behind this wall? Try to take it.

Worst case: you waste a few seconds looking at a cute object. Best Case Scenario: You find a hidden Waddle Dee.


Is that… a hidden alley?
Image: HAL/Nintendo Lab via Polygon

I hope every door is a one-way ticket

If you thoroughly search each level, expect that every door or entrance you walk through is a one-way ticket. This means that once you pass through the gates, you cannot return to the previous areas. Of course, that’s not always the case, but it’s a lot easier if you assume they’re only going in one direction because you don’t want to repeat an entire level after missing a secret path.

Good old Kirby can be as strong as some copy skills

The biggest thing we noticed in boss fights was charging up and using certain copy abilities. Many abilities will block you while you are using them. So if you’re damage hungry (like us), you might get hit more often.

The regular pink Kirby does quite a bit of damage as it sucks up stars and spits them out at bosses, so using it that way isn’t a bad way to go.

Also snoop around the world map

If you hover over certain structures and landforms on the overworld map, you may be able to interact with them. You can find coins or even a treasure route that you need to improve your copying skills.


Image: HAL/Nintendo Lab via Polygon

Don’t worry about the copy capacity you have

If you’re struggling with the older brainteasers in games like Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, you may worry that you don’t have the right skill for the upcoming puzzles. Don’t stress Kirby and the forgotten land has no jigsaw puzzle like this. Almost every puzzle in the game gives you the required skill at or just before the puzzle level.

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