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Along the judgement, Yagami can learn new skills and abilities. These improve your stats or add new attacks or make you better at flirting.

There are so many skills, 126 in fact, that it’s hard to know what to focus on. This guide will give you a quick introduction to Yagami’s judgment and how you will use it. Below we give our suggestions for the best skills to buy early.

How to unlock skills

Unlocking new skills for Yagami requires SP points. You get SP for almost everything in the game. You earn points every time you take out a gang of thugs, photograph cats, play arcade games, and solve cases.


The Skills app shows you how many skills are available.
Ryu ga Gotoku Studio/Sega via Polygon

Since you’re getting a bunch of these points all the time, the best way to know when to unlock a new ability is to just keep checking your phone. When you receive a notification with a number, you need to unlock skills. The number in the app and the numbers next to the skill categories tell you how many skills you can currently afford.

The three types of skills.

Yagami’s abilities fall into three categories: fitness, battleY Special. Some skills have prerequisites. These will be greyed out. To unlock them you just have to buy the first version to unlock the second. Other abilities are locked and hidden behind a lock icon. These skills must be found in a QR code somewhere in Kamurocho or unlocked through the Quickstarter app on your phone.


In the skills menu, the number next to the category tells you how many of those skills are available.
Ryu ga Gotoku Studio/Sega via Polygon

The three skill categories in the app are:

fitness capabilities. These abilities increase Yagami’s base stats such as health, attack, combo speed, and the amount of alcohol he can drink.

  • combat skills. Combat abilities expand Yagami’s repertoire with new EX attacks and actions such as finishers and dodges.
  • Special Abilities. Special abilities cover everything else. There are skills here that make picking up and turning easier, as well as skills for hanging out and making friends.

Best skills to unlock early

It’s tempting to ignore special abilities when you’re spending so much time beating up bad guys, but that’s a mistake. Unlock skills that make it easier to hunt someone down as soon as possible: silent destroyer, invisible manY target locked. These three skills take a lot of the frustration out of a long follow-up poll and only cost 300 SP each, so it doesn’t take long to save up enough.

Still on special, enter those The detective’s intuition. Capability. This will vibrate your controller every time you mouse over a clue while searching the crime scene. You won’t be back often, but you’ll be grateful to have it when you need it.

After that collect promote health (as many levels as you can afford) in capacity. Not surprisingly, this improves Yagami’s health and makes some of the tougher fights easier. If you can afford it, take it Boost Attack Lv. 1 for 2,000 hp. It will take some time to save up enough, but boosting your attack power is never a bad idea.

Once you have all of that, start choosing what you want. Look for the skills that you know you will use first. For example, if you take the locksmith job, you’ll learn all the lock picking skills, but don’t be too valuable. There are no unnecessary skills.

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