Jellyfish Coloring Pages

Coloring one of the most mysterious inhabitants of the sea is definitely fun because you can use all the colors of the rainbow. So go ahead and grab these printable jellyfish coloring pages and go on a colorful painting journey.

Jellyfish coloring pages

What do you know about jellyfish? What we do know is that they come in a variety of colors and this set of 25 different jellyfish coloring pages is a great way for your kids to use their art supplies. After they finish coloring, you can also ask them to follow the jellyfish drawing tutorial and have fun coloring by themselves.

Enjoy the summer with this set of 25 jellyfish coloring pages (you will get it at the end of this collection). We have also prepared 10 free jellyfish coloring pages that you can grab and print right away.

Happy jellyfish for coloring

You can start by asking your kids to color this happy jellyfish. Color the parts of the tentacles different colors and make the jellyfish stand out even more by coloring the surrounding ocean.

Jellyfish coloring pages

Have you ever seen a sleeping jellyfish? Sleeping underwater must be very relaxing. Compete with your art supplies in this adorable sea princess and don’t forget to paint the corals and the sea.

Coloring pages dancing jellyfish

These sea creatures can be almost invisible in the water, which is why they are so mysterious. Make this jellyfish visible by coloring the entire page. This jellyfish’s tentacles look like seaweed, but you can dye them any color you like.

group of jellyfish

Jellyfish are usually found in cakes and like to roam the oceans. A Smack is a group of jellyfish and these three friends can go on adventures to find food and company. Take these crayons and make them as colorful as you like.

Sub winks

Have you ever seen a jellyfish wink at you? If not, it must be the first time you do it. This jellyfish coloring page is perfect for preschoolers and all kids who love sea creatures.

Jellyfish coloring pages

Looking for an easy jellyfish coloring sheet to color in? Print out this adorable sea creature and let your kids color the simple design in their best colors.

jellyfish and flowers

Wouldn’t it be great if a jellyfish brought you a flower from the sea? This one just did and looks absolutely gorgeous. Use your bright color supplies and color the entire page.

underwater creatures

The sea creature coloring sheet will be amazing in any season. It has some detail and would be better suited for older children. To make these sea creatures stand out, we recommend using bright colors and coloring the background as well.

ocean friends

Do you know the loving company of jellyfish? If you see one, rest assured there are others. They enjoy spending time with different friends, and today they only had the company of two fish.

Coral reefs and jellyfish coloring pages

Coral reefs are very diverse underwater ecosystems. This little guy is floating overhead enjoying the company of a starfish and a seashell. Give them some color.

Congratulations, you passed all gifts. Now it’s time to color other jellyfish coloring pages only available in member library. You can color the 25 pages as a member or simply print them out if you are already. Here’s a little preview of the other 15 designs that await you.

Dive into the underwater world and color seven jellyfish swimming on the seabed. You can make them in different colors and paint the bottom with a light brown or yellow color.

Baby jellyfish coloring pages

Have you ever seen a baby jellyfish? Well here it is, the shy baby of the ocean waiting to be colored. This sheet is perfect for young children as it includes larger areas to color in.

Fun at the bottom of the sea

Walking on the seabed can be fun, especially if you’re a jellyfish and don’t really have to walk, you can just slide. Grab your best colored pencils or felt-tip pens and color in this sea creature and his starfish friend.

effortless swimming

Coral reefs, the deep sea and the sea floor are habitats for many different marine animals. Print out this coloring sheet, color in the swimming animals and don’t forget to color the background too so they really stand out.

Realistic jellyfish coloring page

If your kids want to experiment with their crayons, this jellyfish coloring page is perfect. You can use your markers and color each section a different color and make this jellyfish look like an abstract underwater creature.

Curious underwater friend

Isn’t it cute? A small jellyfish swimming in the deep water of the ocean. Let’s give this man some nice bright colors and make the background blue.

jellyfish coloring

Another jellyfish coloring page can be colored in different ways. This coloring sheet is all about imagination and the sky is the limit on how your kids will color it.

Jellyfish coloring pages

Oh, jellyfish love to bathe and swim, although they do it every day of their lives. They just like to move around with their tentacles and have fun like any other sea creature. Take your markers and color the entire page.

coloring large jellyfish

Is it a karate jellyfish? It may be, or maybe it’s just dancing and joking. Kids can paint each tentacle a different color, highlighting this sea friend against a darker background.

Underwater animals coloring pages

Jellyfish come in a variety of colors and this is perfect as we know you have different coloring supplies for this purpose. Grab your favorites and give them a try!

Happy jellyfish coloring sheet

smile jellyfish? This one can, and seems very happy exploring the seabed. Magic with your art supplies and make them stand out.

dance underwater

Another delightful site with jellyfish and a coral reef. Enjoy their company and protect the reef by coloring the entire sheet.

jellyfish friends coloring page

We think these three happy jellyfish friends are having a great time and we want you to keep them happy and smiling by coloring them a different color.

Realistic jellyfish coloring page

If you love to paint sea creatures, you will love painting this one: a simple jellyfish swimming underwater. Give it some nice colors and color the background to make it even more beautiful.

Coloring pages of sea creatures and coral reefs

Summer brings a lot of new experiences, ideas, fun and coloring of sea creatures. This page will be great because kids can also color jellyfish and part of a coral reef. Once they’re done, they can color the sea and we bet it’ll be perfect!

Get your jellyfish coloring pages here

Jellyfish coloring pages

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