Injustice 2 guide: knockdowns


Once you’re down, your opponent will likely use that time to prepare for their next attack. Knowing what to do if you get hit in the back is important to make it harder for the opponent.



Do nothing to recover from a fall. This is the quickest way to get back up, but if you’re still close to your opponent, you’ll have to deal with their attack.

recovery role

Press any key or press back to escape danger. It can put you out of range of your opponent’s next attack or predict your throw and push you away.

delayed awakening

Hold the “change position” button to stay on the ground after a fall and avoid pre-emptive attempts to get up. In the example you see here, Scarecrow expects Catwoman’s normal wake-up moment, but stays down and her jump attack hits the air.

hard decline

Certain movements, such as B. Sweeps, lead to what we call a “hard” rollover. This means once they’ve landed and are effectively pinned, you can’t roll.

Alarm clock

Revive Attack

If you make a movement immediately after getting up, “Wake up” will appear on the screen. If you have a very fast special move, or something that pierces other attacks (like Deadshot’s Flying Knee), this attack could be a good wake-up call.


cross to

Here’s a situation that often arises when a player is down: one character jumps onto the other’s head, attacking on the way down. The back of that character’s leg or knee hits the other player in the head and he falls despite holding back to block. What happened?

This is a consequence of the “hold to lock” mechanism. When the character walks over you and switches sides, the “back” direction is now reversed. It looked like the enemy was attacking you from the left, but ended up attacking you from the right.

If an opponent jumps on you, anticipate the arc of their jump and if it looks like they’re going over your head, change the direction of your block. Sometimes it can be difficult to judge what the whole point of the crossover is: getting confused.

To discover your own crossovers, experiment by jumping different distances with different attacks. Many of the airstrikes in this game, particularly Batman’s heavy jumps, which we use here to demonstrate the paths, are designed to cross.

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