Injustice 2 guide: How to move on


This is a beginner’s guide injustice 2. We don’t want him taking you to Evo. Once you get the basics down, it’s time to learn and do your own research.

Practice (and practice some more)

We told you to enter practice mode at the beginning of this guide, and now we have some news for you: you never really get out of practice mode. In life as in fighting games, learning is something you do forever.

Don’t practice your combos before you know them once, train them until you can do them 99 times out of 100. Then you can start working with 100 out of 100.

take advantage of injustice 2Versatile training manikin. If there’s a character or move you’re having a hard time defending against, set up the dummy to use on yourself and find a counter.

research about yourself

Watch your own games. It’s great to watch professional tournament play to see what the optimal combinations and strategies are, but the most valuable detail to look out for in order to improve is actually what you personally screwed up.

Unfortunately, injustice 2 It doesn’t have a replay mode like other fighting games, but record your own footage if you can.

Assess yourself honestly. Instead of saying “I would have won if it wasn’t for that nonsense!”, pinpoint where he went wrong and try to figure out what led to his downfall.

Don’t beat yourself up, but you should examine your own mistakes to understand how to prevent them from happening again.

seek others

Despite this, it’s still important to generate new ideas by looking at high-level gaming. Seeing characters in action used by experts will show you what they are really capable of, whether you use them yourself or not.

While writing this guide, we did a little research by looking at some Wednesday Night Fights tournaments.

Don’t go after tournament players: they’re human and they make mistakes too. Don’t just imitate them directly: you’ll only become an inferior copy. Just like when you review your own footage, watch what they’re doing and ask yourself why.

Do not give up

The strongest skill in the fighting game is Tenacity. This guide won’t get you to Evo, but it might. Much luck. Now go do some work.

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