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injustice 2 It’s a combo-heavy game: you can chain almost any high-damage hit with a cancel or chain. Of course, if you don’t know how to do this, you’ll lose a lot of damage and potentially a lot of kills. Let’s fix this problem.

Special train cancelled

It can convert most normal moves, including attack chains, into special moves. This is the basis of a combo.

This is where Batman lands the standard punch rope on the special grapple gun.

The timing for this is similar to the speed required for most grab ropes: you must begin the special move before the grab rope is fully extended. Basically, to start a combo safely, you need to make sure the first hit is correct.

“Hit confirmation” as found in most other fighting games, where you check that the first hit has landed before pressing the buttons for the rest, is pretty rare in injustice 2.

If you think you’re going to get stuck, you can cut the chain early or undo it with a special move that leaves you in relative safety. Batman’s Batarang blaster, which recoils when fired, is ideal for this use.

Put together

Speaking of counterattacks, they’re essential for creating great combos.

Again we’ll use the basic Grapple-Batman combo, but this time we’ll time the move and leave your opponent stunned and helpless for a moment.

Batman immediately performs a hard back punch to knock your opponent off the wall, then leaps up to hit them with a heavy air attack at the top of their flight. This deals a lot of damage and gives him enough room to land the next hit.

Then comes the end. In this example, we’re going to keep it simple with the attack chain forward + medium, heavy. This causes a fall and ends our combo.

We have chosen a relatively simple combination here. It’s not the most elegant or damaging thing Batman can do. However, it is useful and deals good base damage.

disassemble it

You want the first few hits of your combo to be easy to land, so in this case we used a simple jab combo. Strings that start with a deep kick drum are also very useful.

Once the combo is underway, you want to string together the strongest punches you can for as long as possible. In our case, Batman stunned the enemy and delivered a heavy hit. This is standard practice for injustice 2 Combos The move is not only very damaging, but it continues the combo and sends your opponent flying.

When your opponent is airborne, jump up to attack them with the strongest attack you can still continue a combo with. In this case, he skipped a strong attack, another very damaging move.

There are a lot of options from here, but to keep things simple we’ll end up with a powerful chain attack that will knock your opponent down. If possible, try to end with moves that result in a knockdown so you can maintain your offensive momentum.


While it’s a decent combination, it’s not the only or best option. injustice 2The combo system is pretty open and with well timed counters and bounce cancels you can keep your opponent in the air for quite a while.

You’ll find that while you can get a combo for a long time in Injustice, there’s definitely a law that the longer the combo lasts, the lower the return. We call this “damage scaling” in fighting games. The feedback on using a super move in a combo, as seen here, isn’t great considering we used our entire meter to get there.

Experiment with every move in your character’s arsenal to see what they can do, and practice, practice, and practice. Keep working on your combos and soon you’ll be hitting a lot harder.

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