Immortals Fenyx Rising guide: Arena of Agility Vault of Tartaros walkthrough and combat tips


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the Agility Arena vault of the Tatars It is located in the North Valley of Eternal Spring. In this Immortals Fenyx Rising Guide, we will show you how to find the vault entrance, solve the dungeon puzzles, find and open it epic chestand pick up Zeus Thunderbolt come out.

How to find the entrance to the vault of the Arena of Agility


The entrance to the Vaults of Tartaros skill arena
A screenshot of the Immortals Fenyx Rising map

Immortals Fenyx Risingit is Agility Arena The safe is easily accessible from the The statue of the goddess of wisdom.: Head south until you are at the northeast end of the pools of water in this area. There you will find a rift patrolled by harpies and armored soldiers. Defeat them, then jump through the opening in the rift they protected to enter the vault.

How to clear the Vault of Tartaros Agility Arena


Beware of lasers
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This vault will test your combat skills rather than your ability to solve puzzles. Make sure you bring plenty of potions you may need. Just try this safe after upgrading your weapons and armor.

  1. Cross the docks to reach the control. There is a healing bullet right next to it in case you need it outside after the fight.
  2. pull that the wash basin to the right of the checkpoint to open the doors in front of you.
  3. Enter the arena. There is spike traps along the bottom in places and several groups of columns. Periodically produce the columns laser beams They deal great damage if you get close to them. Avoid these dangers during treatment three enemy waves.
  4. the first wave consists of a blue minotaur. Get in close and hit him with a couple of quick attacks. Then go back and watch as he turns red, indicating he is going to attack. Avoid the charges and then fight back. Repeat as needed.
  5. the second wave Features a weaker red minotaur enemy, a bear, and multiple armored guards. The larger enemies aren’t very dangerous individually, but they can group with you and also have guards to distract you. Keep moving around the enemies. Let them ball up so you can remove them from the sides.
  6. In which third wave, you face even more Minotaurs, but this time they are joined by Gorgon and Harpy allies. Eliminate Gorgons and Harpies first so they can’t use ranged magic. Then deal with the minotaurs.

the epic chest


Pull this lever after defeating the first three waves.
Image: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon

After defeating the regular enemies, there is an optional battle that you can complete for a epic chest.

  1. pull that the wash basin along the left side of the arena. The translucent walls lock you in the area and you can’t get out until you defeat three more enemies.
  2. Your opponents are two purple minotaurs and a many-armed giant. Focus on the giant first. It’s a major threat as it slams the ground and sends shockwaves in your direction. However, he has weak defense. Chase him, get closer and quickly eliminate him.
  3. Then focus on the minotaurs. They are extremely powerful, able to deal and receive a lot of damage without weakening. Fighting in twos at the same time is very risky. Try to deal with just one of them at a time, or use area attacks to make space when they ambush you.
  4. Once the enemies are defeated, cross the gusts of wind to the high platform.
  5. Go into the room and open the epic chest to get that melted shard.

Zeus Thunderbolt

  1. Return to the arena and go through the opening past the three purple crystals. Climb the platforms to cross the wide gap.
  2. On the high platform, go up the stairs to claim it Zeus Thunderbolt and out of the vault.
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