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Season 8 of Fourteen days it’s only just begun, and the biggest addition to the game yet is the new pirate cannon.

To use the pirate cannon, players must drag it with them. But once they have it where they need it, they can lock onto a target and shoot at long range. Cannonball, the only way the cannon can deal damage, deals 100 damage to players and 50 damage to everyone in the area, destroying most structures in a single hit.

The other cannon ammo that can fire is… you. If you need to make a quick escape or want to chase a fleeing enemy, you can hop in the cannon and shoot yourself over the horizon. Getting shot out of a cannon won’t hurt you, so it could be a good way to get down a mountain quickly, too.

This heavy and unwieldy weapon replaces the shopping cart Fourteen daysit is Main vehicle for single player, as well as the Stormwing plane, the only other vehicle that doubled as a weapon. Although it can be very powerful, especially at range, using the Pirate Cannon makes players very vulnerable to opponents, so players must be careful when choosing when to load and fire the weapon.

The other danger the cannon poses is that of positioning. If you’re using it to zoom around the map, it’s a good idea to know where you’re going to land before you get there. If you shoot your way into a team of enemies, it might not be easy to get out.

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