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FFXIVThe latest expansion adds a new melee DPS job to the list: combine, who knocks down enemies with the help of his demonic avatar. Our FFXIV The Reaper Guide explains where to unlock the Reaper and what the requirements are for it.

Reaper Requirements

To unlock the Reaper job you will need the following:

  • own the walker extension
  • Have at least one combat job at level 70 or higher

Where to unlock the reaper

Once you meet these requirements, you can talk to us Angry Wizard NPC inside Ul’dah, not Nald (X: 12.8, Y: 8.6) to start the Reaper mission. This will reward you with the Sage’s Working Stone and a set of Basic Equipment. Your Reaper will level up to 70 upon unlocking.


Graphics: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image Credit: Square Enix

We recommend taking it Improved Sceva gear out of Rhalgr’s reach by using Tomestones of Poetics to level up before jumping to the content. You can also purchase related gear at the Market level. The gear box you get as a quest reward also doesn’t offer any attachments, so make sure you have a level 70 accessory set equipped before jumping into a dungeon.

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